Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who's Got Which Super-Power?

We just heard that Geoff Johns is bring the super-cousins together, supporting each other.

I love it when there is a Super-family, a Team Superman, a group of heroes with the S-shield, working together, striving to do what's right, and trying to live up to the ideal of Superman.

So I like little one-offs that show the 'family' hanging out and enjoying each others company.

So let's set the way-back machine for the middle of 1998. There was the concept of a Team Superman. Supergirl had fused with Linda Danvers and was just starting to exhibit angelic powers. Superboy was still a rad upstart heroing in Hawaii.

Despite being a super-family, they each had their own specific powers. And so to educate DC made 'Who's got which Super-powers?' written by Chris Duffy and drawn by Georges Jeanty.

We get to see Supergirl's flame wings, her telekinetic strength, and her flame vision.
We get to hear about Superboy's lack of vision powers, his flight powers, and his tactile telekinesis.

I love how without word bubbles we learn so much of the character's personalities. Superboy's sour face when the others use their vision powers. Their different flying styles. Superboy's show-off destruction of the boulder in the last panel. Supergirl's giggle into her hands while Superman cocks an eyebrow. All great.

But it is the first panel, the three of them standing in iconic hero poses together, that I like the best.

This page is from 1998's Team Superman Secret Files and Origins. I have covered pieces of this book elsewhere on the site, especially the Who's Who pages. Definitely worth buying if you see it in the dollar box.

I love the Dave Johnson cover, especially the position of strength we see Steel in!

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