Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Convention Season - Other People's Commissions

Boston Comic-Con is 2 months away and I am champing at the bit. When life gets hectic and my stress rises, I look to comics for help. And when life gets really hectic and my stress really rises, I need a convention to wallow in my hobby and decompress.

Unfortunately, Boston Comic-Con is 2 months away! Two months!! And trust me ... stress has been at '11' for a while now.

Luckily, I can head to Twitter and other sites to whet my appetite. And part of that is looking at the great commissions and Supergirl art pieces that creators are putting together.

We'll start with Yildiray Cinar! I saw this commission when I saw this tweet by @ArnoKikoo.

Best thing about this commission? That Arnaud asked for Supergirl. But not an angry one! Fantastic!

Next I saw into this fantastic interpretation of Lauren Faust's Super Best Friends Forever by My Little Pony and Gronk creator Katie Cook.

I am going to be able to see Cook in the summer in Boston. We'll have to see if I can get something from her.

Why hasn't there been more Super Best Friends Forever??

I posted Mike Maihack's warm-up for his All Ages Awesomeness just last week. He posted a bunch of pieces he did including an enchanting Black Cat.

But he also did this Supergirl which I think is lovely.

I really love the head band/hair back in Maihack's Supergirl.

But the piece that grabbed me the most was this work in progress by Daniel Govar.

Govar is drawing a 70's Supergirl, in hot pants and ballerina slippers riding Comet The Super-Horse.

I cannot wait to see the final product. This looks fantastic.

I know how detailed Govar's completed commissions are. A buddy of mine got a Destiny from him a few years ago.

So this Supergirl piece is going to mind-blowing!

As for me, I will have to suffer through a couple of more months until my personal con season starts with Boston. I have a commission wish-list for that convention forming. We'll see how successful I am!


Count Drunkula said...

I have to take another look at the artist list for Boston this year. A good friend of mine has wanted a con sketch of a Batmobile for a long time. He's been a really tremendous help for me during my post-surgery recovery, and I was thinking of commissioning a Batmobile for him as a thank you/birthday present.

Anj said...

I've been thinking about this.

I bet Jim Calafiore would do a great Batmobile for you, maybe even throw in a character.

I don't think Capullo sketches at cons.