Thursday, June 5, 2014

Supergirl Shrine Update

I realized that it has been nearly 18 months since I last showed off my Supergirl collection and with this being something of a slow news week, I thought I would show it off again.

As I have said before, I have something of a true man-cave. A third of the unfinished basement is where my stuff resides. That space is split between a 'living area' complete with futon, entertainment center with Supergirl collection, and large bookcase for trades. The other half I call the sanctum sanctorum, an area with my comic boxes, framed commissions, and a work table for organizing, bagging, etc.

The Supergirl collection is in the entertainment center surrounding a television, DVD player, and XBox.

Since I last showed the collection, a fair amount of new merchandise has been released making me rearrange the shelves a bit. Here on the top shelf are the white shirt Supergirl merchandise - action figures, statues, and plush figure.

It also has the 'new 52' Supergirl stuff - 3 statues! I have to say, while I am not a huge fan of the new costume, the statues are gorgeous.

And this shelf has the few headband costume pieces - action figures and Ertl metal figure.

I also put a couple of odds and ends here - the armored Flamebird action figure (which simply won't stand), the Superwoman figure (yeah Sterling Gates!), and in the way back a bit of a too scantily clad Supergirl vinyl statue I am a bit too ashamed to own to have prominently displayed. (To put it in perspective, Howard Wolowitz of the Big Bang Theory has that statue in his room.)

The middle shelf is mostly 'belly shirt' Supergirl stuff. Multiple action figures, the Barbie, the mini-mates and legos, the Microman, and several statues. I like the one on the far left, part of the Superman Family multi-statue.

This is also the 'Matrix' shelf. The large collector doll, the Hughes full statue, the bobble head, the PAD mini-statue, a Heroclix, and a Polly Pocket.  I really like Hughes statue, bursting through the ground flying high.

There are also some odds and ends here as well. Look close and you'll see an AmeComi mini-statue and the Elseworlds' Worlds Finest figure (another which simply won't stand without assistance).

And the other top shelf is the Silver Age and hot pants shelf.

There is the beautiful statue on the left, a flying smiling twirling Supergirl. And the major piece in the middle recreating the cover of Action Comics #252. There is an action figure (with Streaky!) and another mini figure.

The hot pants costume section (like the headband section) is pretty sparse. Two tumbler glasses and an action figure.

And, as usual, there are a couple of odds and ends. The first Women of DC bust by Adam Hughes, the recent Hot Wheels tanker truck, the SBFF figure, and assorted rings.

While the bulk of my trades are on a nearby bookshelf, the center is the 'Supergirl' trade shelf. That includes the Archives, the showcases, many Supergirl trades, Power Girl and Fallen Angel trades as well.

It also includes my other Archive books, some oversized coffee table stuff, and some Superman specific books. (Superman trades are on the other shelf.)

There are still some pieces out there I need but probably won't get. The COIE #7 statue, the full sized PAD statue in front of the stained glass window, and Eaglemoss pieces. A New 52 action figure is on the way!


Mauricio Hunt said...

neat collection. Funny how I have few statues but I have the ones you don't have.

Thanks for sharing.

Mauricio Hunt said...

oh! did you finally solved the lack of 'cover' of the anime Supergirl ?

Anonymous said...

Have you considered acquiring the special Supergirl vs She-Ra 2-pack from Mattel?

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Didn't know about the She-Ra one. Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...