Friday, June 21, 2024

Review: Batman/Superman World's Finest #28

Batman/Superman World's Finest #28 came out this week, the next chapter in the Imp-Killer storyline by Mark Waid, Dan Mora, and Travis Mercer. It is another dandy of an issue filled with crazy Jimmy Olsen action, dimension hopping, and a call back to one of the greatest Batman moments ever.

Mark Waid is clearly a fan of the DC universe and has used this book to bring back a lot of Z-list characters and DC historical events. He has brought back a sense of heroics and excitement to stories. And he continues that here, showing us a crazy story of 5th dimensional hijinks, 6th dimensional tyrants, Jimmy Olsen Silveriness, and showing us that it is hard to be Silver Age silly in the current DCU. It all just crackles with fun.

Dan Mora continues to bring us the best art on the rack. Again, this is a mix of high action and insanity. Only Dan Mora could bring us feisty Kara, a giant pie in the face, and Batman incinerated as a marionette and have it all look gorgeous. Travis Mercer steps in for the the dimensional interludes with Batman and Superman and brings a Mora-esque feel to things so we don't feel pulled out of the story. 

But couldn't help but give some love to this Nathan Szerdy variant cover. Such a nice little double homage to the Bruce Timm specials for Batgirl and Supergirl. 

But to catch us up to speed, the 6th Dimensional imp killer had just declared Jimmy Olsen the champion of Earth and challenged Mr. Action to a duel.

There is so much fun in this story as it veers from craziness to peril. But in particular, the characterization of young Robin is one of the best parts. Here he won't let Mxyzptlk disappear. Mxy's assessment of Jimmy is hilarious.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

DC Solicits: September 2024

The Superman books right now are flying high with House of Brainiac. Which makes me wonder how much Absolute Power will drain some of the energy out of the books. The solicits for September are out and I just don't find much in the current continuity to be too thrilling. 

Here is a link to the full solicits:

After reading the solicits, I don't think I'll be getting the main Absolute Power series or the tie-ins.  So here are the Super books.

Art and cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL
Variant covers by FRANCESCO MATTINA, W. SCOTT FORBES, and SWEENEY BOO 1:25 variant cover by AL BARRIONUEVO
Artist Spotlight variant cover by NICOLA SCOTT


Waller has the powerless heroes of the DC Universe on the ropes! Can the powerless Superman and Zatanna find the mystical map to the Dark Roads in time to get some major back-up?!
Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Mercy, Jimmy, and Silver Banshee are on the run from the superpowered Amazos but find themselves pulled into a battle for the soul of Metropolis! Don’t miss the shocking cliffhanger that impacts the future of the Superman titles!

A cliffhanger that impacts the future of the super titles? Let the guesses abound! My money is on 'Jimmy dies'. 

I like Zatanna so maybe this will be fun. Can't wait to see Jamal Campbell's take on her.

Monday, June 17, 2024

My Adventures Of Supergirl S2 E5 - Dark Supergirl ... Again!

My Adventures With Superman S2 E5 dropped this weekend. 

I had fears going into this episode. Big fears. Fears that Supergirl would be brainwashed, duped, or outright evil. Because as a Supergirl fan, I know that her character is often mistreated. She is used as a plot device. She is used to elevate Superman. She is not treated like the resilient hero she should be.

Now I know that there is a very good chance that at the end of this season Supergirl will see the error of her ways and end up being a hero. But seeing her evil or dark or manipulated has been done too often, has been done incessantly, and is really a tarnish on her character.

"Most Eligible Superman" has an ongoing plot of Superman being a contestant in Metropolis' Most Eligible contest, a plot that pushes the Clark/Lois relationship theme forward. 

But it opens with Kara now on Earth. I suppose her dressing like Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z is another hint of her character arc. After all Android 18 started out as a villain but also becomes a hero. 

On to more of the disheartening particulars.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Review: My Adventures With Superman #1

It's a week of My Adventures With Superman talk as today I review the first issue of the comic tie-in, a story nestled between the first two seasons of the show. 

I have to say that the show has grown on me as a very interesting mix of silliness and wholesomeness with an undercurrent of some serious themes. And this season is sort of ratcheting up the latter piece with Clark's isolation and Lex's narcissism as major themes. 

The comic, written by show runner Josie Campbell with art by Pablo Collar, has the same vibe. From the manga-like art to a little whimsy, this book strikes an overall nice tone. But the story here of an apparent villain who might not be exactly that works well. 

In particular, I really like how Clark is classic Clark. There is a small town, 'aw shucks', 'I'm a little awkward but also a great friend and I want to just help people' feel to him and Superman. It helps that this is a Superman early in his career, sort of feeling out everything.

The book is ranked 13+ but this issue would be fine in the hands of a 10 year old Anj. So maybe this is an entry into comics for any young fans in your life.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Fear Of Where 'My Adventures With Superman' Is Going - S2E4

I have been enjoying My Adventures With Superman as an IP for the Man of Steel. Somehow the show walks a fine line between whimsy and drama. The character pieces inject some anime fun and imagery which keep an upbeat feel to everything.

Not that everything is rosy, especially in this season. We are seeing why the Lois/Sam relationship is strained. We are still seeing Superman dealing with his feelings of isolation and loneliness.

I am sure that last part will be dealt with or at least riffed on with the appearance of Supergirl in the show. We have seen the angry images of Kara in some previews. We know she is out there. But we haven't met her yet.

When you show me an angry Supergirl, I worry. There have been too many instances where Supergirl has been utilized by evil forces for my tastes. There have been too many times where she has been held back as a hero to make Superman better. And this last episode 'Two Lanes Diverged' made me nervous.

Lex Luthor has taken a much bigger role in this season and now is proclaiming 'The Superman Problem' to the media. 

Superman is an alien. Superman is incredibly powerful. Superman could force his will on Earthlings. Superman is dangerous. Superman cannot be trusted.

If Superman can't be trusted ...

Monday, June 10, 2024

Nicola Scott Covers

Recently it was announced that artist Nicola Scott will be doing a set of variant covers in September called 'Through the Ages". The covers have, as expected, characters as their looks and costumes have changed over time. Here is a link to an article and a sneak peek of the lot:

I was thrilled to see that Supergirl was being honored. I'll definitely be grabbing this one.

And quite the lineup on this cover.
Top row: original, mid-Adventure Comic run, one-shot Adventure Comic costume
Middle row: Hot pants from the Bronze age, Crisis era, Matrix Supergirl, DCAU/late Linda Danvers white shirt
Bottom row: Michael Turner reboot, DC Rebirth costume, current jacket version

That is a pretty solid take on Supergirl during the ages.

But one thing I found interesting.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Review: Kneel Before Zod #6

Kneel Before Zod #6 came out this week, meaning the book is at the halfway point. 

I have pretty interested in the overall plot of the book, giving us a deep dive into the persona of General Zod. We have seen him in a sort of 'mid-life crisis' mode of ennui as he rebuilt New Kandor. He is haunted by visions of Jor-El.  Then there was a moment where he was sort of down and out with Ursa taking over. And then there was rage as he bashed his way through several attacks and ships.

While this peek into Zod's mind has been interesting, the issues seemed a bit light with many pages filled with over the top, brutal action.

This issue is much more story-driven than action driven which made me happy. I don't know what Zod's plans with New Krypton will be. I think it is fascinating that he seems interested in leading an army out for unknown conquest. Writer Joe Casey is peeling back Zod's gruff exterior to show me a more complicated being. 

But the big thing about this issue is that it is  chock full of Legion of Super-Heroes mythos. From character races to 9-panel grids, this felt like an 'evil Legion' book. For a Legion fan like me, this was wonderful. Made me realize how much I miss the IP. 

Artist Dan McDaid continues to bring a sort of rough, grungy style to the book, perfect for this prison ship environment. I love how his Jor-El is clean and unblemished, a stark contrast to everything else in the book. 

I still don't know how I fully feel about this book. Pieces really grab me. But this issue sparkled. On to some specifics.