Wednesday, July 30, 2008

JG Jones on Final Crisis

Over on Newsarama there is an interview with JG Jones about his work on Final Crisis. Here is the link:

And here are the Supergirl specific bits, about the cover image above and his approach to Kara.

NRAMA: We've seen the Supergirl cover now. How did you approach that character?
JGJ: I love that painting, and I generally don't like my covers or my art that much. But that one, I thought, turned out really well. I really wanted to portray Supergirl as what she is -- a 17-year-old girl. Not, you know, some sex bomb with boobs popping out all over the place. I worked really hard on the pose and that sense of wonder on her face. That's actually why I turned her head away from the viewer. The first two characters are looking straight out at the viewer, more or less, addressing their body language to the viewer. And she's more turned in space, looking up and away at the light source so we don't really know if something's approaching or what's going on.

NRAMA: Is that also kind of a lack of confidence? That she's not looking the reader right in the eye like that?
JGJ: Yeah. That's exactly how I was reading it. She's new here, she has a lot of power, but she's also trying to figure stuff out. I also have a panel in #3 of Supergirl petting her cat Streaky, getting ready to leave her apartment. Grant likes those superpets.

I agree that this cover is really nice. She has a sort of innocence to her in this shot, and the looking away somehow magnifies that. In fact the vibe I got of this was one of innocence, not lack of confidence.

I don't know if I like the 'lack of confidence' take on the character though. Hopefully that doesn't make its way into the Morrison's writing. If it is one thing that we have seen throughout this Kara's history is that she has an abundance of confidence. Whether it was Loeb's run where she took on Luthor alone, Rucka's brief run where she led a Kandor revolt, Kelly's run where she went on her own and shunned Superman, or Puckett's run where she stood up for what she believed in to save Thomas ... she has oozed confidence. Now all those writers had a slightly different take on the character's motivations, but she was never skittish. She was commited and driven. I can only hope that Morrison at least has read some of the Supergirl title to get a sense of her characterization.

And, no matter who's version of Kara you liked ... Loeb's, Kelly's, or Puckett's, I don't think any Supergirl fan is interested in seeing a conflicted and meek character. And I think you can have a Supergirl who is 'trying to figure stuff out' (an idea which makes sense) who is still heroic, pro-active, and self-assured.

I have read on other sites that Morrison really loves Supergirl. And, let's be honest, she is being showcased on the 'hero cover' of Final Crisis #3, the biggest book DC is putting out right now. Supergirl fans should be thrilled. Of course she could be being showcased as the punching bag for a Mary Marvel beatdown.

And let us not forget history. The last time Supergirl was prominently displayed on a cover of a huge DC mini-series, it was this cover:

I'm not ready to re-visit that yet.
And yet another mention of Streaky! Could the founding member of the Legion of Super-pets be making a comeback? Now Kelly did have Kara have a non-super-powered cat named Streaky. But I prefer the X-Kryptonite juiced mischievous cat more.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frank Cho signs exclusive with Marvel

So maybe not specifically Supergirl news but Newsarama has an interview with Frank Cho about his re-upping his exclusive contract with Marvel. Here is the link:

Cho is 'deliberate in his pace' and is most famous for drawing bodacious women in various stages of undress. Still, I think his art is beautiful and have always wished he would work for DC. I have even wondered what his take on Supergirl would be.

Then I read this quote in the interview.

Frank Cho: My exclusive contract with Marvel ran out in March and Marvel was happy with my work on their characters, so they offered me another exclusive contract when the old contract ran out. It's funny, I was in talks with DC Comics to do a prestige Wonder Woman/Power Girl/Supergirl team-up mini-series which I was going to draw and co-write with my good friend Jimmy Palmiotti, but Marvel came around with an incredible offer that I couldn't refuse.

Now Jimmy Palmiotti wrote, in my opinion, the worst issue of Supergirl ever written in her near 40 yrs of existence ... the odious Supergirl 12.

So I don't think this mini-series project would make anyone forget Watchmen.
Still ....

Still ...

Still ....

Okay, that's enough.
Suffice it to say I would probably buy it just for the art. And hopefully this post will be the closest I get to the stereotypical fanboy lusting after super-heroines.

Still (guess it wasn't enough) ...

I have to say I am disappointed this project won't happen.

12/3/08: Showcase Presents: Supergirl Vol 2

DC Comics also announced the release of Showcase Presents: Supergirl Vol. 2 in their October Solicits. The 512 pg phone book style collection will be released on December 3, just in time for the holidays. The cover will be based on the cover of Action Comics 285, shown above. And all that Silver Age goodness is available for a mere $16.99.
Here is the official blurb:

Written by Jerry Siegel and Leo Dorfman;
Art by Jim Mooney;
Cover by Curt Swan and George Klein
Kara Zor-El takes center stage in the stories that presented her to the world, collected from ACTION COMICS #283-321.

This should be a great collection to grab. This volume includes a number of key moments in the Earth-1 Supergirl's history including adoption by the Danvers, being revealed to the world, meeting Comet the Super-Horse, and finding out her Kryptonian parents are alive in the 'Survival Zone'. That's a lot of history! And I am sure I am forgetting other major life events in Kara's life that happened in those issues.

Since purchasing those issues is difficult (both rare and pricey), I highly recommend grabbing this book. Yes it is on phonebook paper and in black and white. But how can you say no to all those great early Kara stories and the beautiful Jim Mooney art? And the sheer volume you get for such a low price makes it a better alternative than the over-priced hard covered Archives.

I also would recommend Showcase Presents: Supergirl Vol 1. Many of the stories are dated, but still worth reading.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Johns and Gates: Saying more of the right things about Kara

There is a nice interview of Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates on CBR.

There is nothing really new here but some of the specifics they mention about Supergirl are just feeding the frenzy for when the new creative team takes over and when Supergirl becomes enmeshed with the super titles.

While the interview is watching in its entirety, here are a few of the high points:

1) The team feels they are picking up from Jeph Loeb's initial take on Supergirl ... that of a teenage super-hero is still new at the business and has a steep learning curve.

2) That she will have a different take from Superman because she was raised on Krypton and not in Kansas by Ma and Pa.

3) The team understands that Supergirl has been 'lost' in her own title and they have a vision.

4) That vision includes a supporting cast (Johns even throws the Captain Boomerang stint as a cast member in Supergirl under the bus a bit). It also means a rogues gallery.

5) Lastly, Johns, Gates, and James Robinson meet every other week to make sure they are all on the same page and brainstorm. With Johns and Robinson there, I am not so nervous about a newcomer like Gates taking the reins of Supergirl. Johns even says they have plotlines extending as far as December 2010!

I know that we have heard a lot of this stuff since Gates was first announced as writer. Still, as I have said before, if DC is excited and invested in Supergirl, I am happy.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

SDCC Smallville Panel: Sunday 10-11 - Bring Back Kara!

There will be a Smallville panel at the SDCC tomorrow and any Kara fans in attendence should come out in force. Here are the details lifted straight from the SDCC website.

10:00-11:00 Smallville Screening and Q&A— Comic-Con favorite Smallville returns with series stars Allison Mack, Justin Hartley and the introduction of Sam Witwer alongside new showrunners Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer to talk about the year ahead, answer fan questions and give an exclusive sneak peek at clips featuring the new villains for season eight. Award-winning comic book writer, Emmy-nominated film and television writer/producer, and Smallville alum Jeph Loeb (Heroes) will moderate the session. From Tollin/Robbins Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, Smallville airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM on The CW. Room 6CDEF

Now I admit that Kara's character on the show was written unevenly. But when she was not amnestic or missing, she was pro-active, heroic, and upbeat. She certainly deserves better than being dropped from the show entirely, left trapped in the Phantom Zone.

Over on other boards, fellow Supergirl fans, most notably johnfeer and aplayfulsoul, had the great idea that Kara fans should be at this panel and need to be vocal in asking the pertinent questions.

Mainly ...

1) Why was Kara dropped from the show as a regular?

and ...

2) Will she be brought back for episodes next season to wrap up her story?

I am sure the producers will wave hands and try to lull Kara fans to sleep with a lot of 'we loved Kara but ...' and 'schedules permitting she should be back ...' statements. Don't be fooled! Press them for a commitment! Be present and loud!

If I could be there I would be at the microphone asking myself, but I am on the opposite coast. I will be there in spirit though!

Kara fans unite!

And if anyone on the blog actually attends the panel, please post on how it went. Otherwise, I will simply report on what Newsarama and CBR tells us.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pointy Sleeves!

When DC first announced the SUPERGIRL 1:6 SCALE Deluxe Collector Figure I was thrilled.

The pictures released on DC Direct looked great ... and it even included Streaky! The one thing I couldn't tell from those promo photos was if the shirt had pointy sleeves, an absolute must for me.

Well, check out this photo sent to me by my buddy who is currently at the San Diego Comicon. While perusing the DC Direct booth, he saw the Supergirl Doll and snapped a shot. And there they are ... pointy sleeves!

Here it is closer.

The doll will be released on February 18, 2009 and costs $89.99. I have already started my layaway plan at my local comic book store. $20 down, $69.99 to go.

Here are also some shots he took of the Tonner Supergirl dolls.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Johns on the 'New Krypton' storyline

Over on the CBR website there is an interview with Geoff Johns talking about the big Superman crossover event happening the in fall called 'New Krypton'. The opening issue is Superman:The New Krypton, a one-shot on sale in late October and whose cover is shown at the top of the post. The issue is written by all three super-title authors: Johns, Robinson, and Gates. Internal art is by Pete Woods, Gary Frank, and Renato Guedes.

The 9 part story will also cross-over all three Super titles: Superman, Action Comics, and Supergirl. Below is the link to the Johns interview.

The article is light on facts about the storyline, although it is hinted at that the bottle city of Kandor and it's 100,000 Kryptonian inhabitants will survive the current Brainiac arc. The article again does highlight how intergrated the Supergirl title will be. While I have covered this before, I am fairly giddy about the attention Kara is getting in the news and think it should be covered here. Here are some of the Supergirl-centric quotes.

Johns told CBR News, "The story grows out of my 'Brainiac' arc in 'Action' and the 'Atlas' arc James has going in 'Superman.' But to put it simply, when those stories end there are 100,000 Kryptonians left on Earth going: 'This must be New Krypton, how wonderful.' And the story builds from there.
"It's obviously a very personal story for Superman, and Supergirl gets caught up in the action pretty quick."

This storyline is probably when the numeric triangles on the covers will appear so people buying the arc will know what order to read the issues. Supergirl gets involved 'pretty quick' which leads me to believe Supergirl 35, Gates' second issue will be in the storyline. I wonder just how involved she will be. Will Gates' story riffs (Cat Grant/Silver Banshee) be able to be progressed in these cross-over issues? Or will the New Krypton story dominate completely? I like having Kara enmeshed in the super-titles. But I hope she doesn't play second fiddle to Superman in her own title.

I think about this Peter David issue as an example. While Supergirl 20 was a cross-over issue in the Superman storyline Millenium Giants, it still advanced the ongoing plot lines of the Supergirl title itself.

Back in the interview, Johns talks more about Sterling Gates. He says emphatically that Gates is a huge Supergirl fan, which is great news. When he was first announced at Hero-Con, Gates said he was at the con buying old issues of the Daring New Adventures of Supergirl, a sign he is a fan. Johns then continues.

"Sterling's first issue of 'Supergirl' is the best issue of 'Supergirl' I have ever read. I think he's got a great take on the character and a great energy for the character," said Johns. "James and I really believe in him. [Editors] Matt [Idelson] and Nachie [Castro] really believe in him and [artist] Jamal Igle is turning in some amazing pages on that book. 'Supergirl' is going to be a book to watch. "And Supergirl is a character that James and I are already integrating into our books, 'Action' and 'Superman.' She is very important to Superman and we want her to be as prevalent and prominent in the Superman mythology as Robin is to Batman. She is not always going to team up with Superman but she has a very important part in his life and his world. And a lot of things are going to come out of her book that will be pretty big for the world of Superman and the other 100,000 Kryptonians."

Supergirl 34 is the best issue of Supergirl Johns has ever read?! This is probably hyperbole but I guess it is a nice compliment. I don't know if it can ever live up to that hype for me, especially since I loved the David run. Still, sounds promising.

I also both like and dislike the reference to Robin. I like it because Robin is a well-respected and well-represented character in the DCU. I dislike it because Robin is a side-kick and Supergirl should not have the sidekick 'feel' to her.

Still we have seen that Supergirl will be a big part of Johns' title (already seen) and Robinson's title (she is appearing next month's issue, cover below).

As for the New Krypton storyline itself, I am greatly looking forward to it. It looks like it will streamline the history of Krypton a bit. The Frank cover of the special shows 2 distinct Kryptonian architecture types, both of which have been valid in the past. But I don't know which one is valid now.

Here is the Alex Ross cover for Superman 681, one of the early issues of the New Krypton story arc.

Notice that there are a bunch of Kryptonian-garbed people flying around. I can make out a Silver Age Jor-El, someone in a Byrne-like outfit, someone in a Donner/Brando style outfit, and some I don't recognize at all (fully admitting I didn't read super-titles outside Supergirl from 2001-2007). Hopefully we will get one true and current Krypton for the current DCU that everyone can build on.

My guess is that the 100,000 Kryptonians are 'stuck' in the city much like they were in the Silver Age. That sets the table for me to review this issue sometime in the fall.

The bottom line is I am stoked for the new team and thrilled that Kara is going to be an important figure in the DCU soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Supergirl 34 solicitation news

October solicits for DC came out on 7/21 and included the much anticipated Supergirl 34, the first issue from the new team of writer Sterling Gates, artist Jamal Igle, and cover artist Josh Middleton.

Here is the official description:

Written by Sterling Gates; Art by Jamal Igle and Keith Champagne; Cover by Josh Middleton; Variant cover by Fernando Pasarin

Beginning the new direction for SUPERGIRL, which will tie the book and character firmly into the Superman franchise!

Hmmm … a bit sparse in the description don’t you think? From prior interviews, we know that this issue includes the beginning of Cat Grant’s role as foil for Supergirl, starting with the release of Grant’s anti-Supergirl editorial. We also know that Supergirl has a confrontation with Silver Banshee.

But instead of hearing about those things, we get this one line description about how the title will be part of the Superman franchise. Nothing about Kara herself or the story is commented on. If DC is hoping to bring in new readers with this issue, shouldn’t they talk about the story? I can only hope the description expands as the we approach the release date.

What is noteworthy in this solicit is that there is a variant cover for the issue which may drum up some extra business. (Remember, there was a Kubert variant for issue 23, Puckett’s first issue.) I thought for sure the cover would be this Igle art which was released when he was announced as artist.

Instead, we get a variant cover from Fernando Pasarin.

Now I have to say that I very much like what little I have seen of Pasarin. He has done a number of fill-in issues for Dale Eaglesham on the JSA title and his art is pretty polished. He has a fine-line approach and draws young women in a nice way. No overt sexiness, no overwhelming curves, no over stylization … just healthy beautiful women. He draws nice expressive faces too. Here are a few panels from Justice Society issues 5 and 8 featuring Star Girl and Cyclone, Dream Girl, and Liberty Belle.

I like how the bodies of Star Girl and Cyclone (teenagers) look different than Dream Girl and Liberty Belle (in their twenties), and even within these age groups there are differences. I say this only because there are some artists (Ed Benes comes to mind) who seem to have one body habitus for all women … super-curvy. So, I firmly believe Pasarin is going to do a great Supergirl.

Still, I was hoping that DC would have a variant cover from Igle or another ‘big name’ artist to stoke the fandom flames. I mean, wouldn’t a Gary Frank variant be spectacular as well as showcase the linkage to the super-titles? Or an Alex Ross cover? Or a Mark Bagley cover? This is not meant to disparage Pasarin's art, which again I very much like. I am thinking more in terms of what will boost sales and increase interest.

3 more months to wait. I am so excited about this.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sales numbers for Issue 30

Diamond Comics Distributor released its sales charts and market share reports for June 2008.

Supergirl #30 was ranked at 71. The incomprehensible sales index was 60.41. Supergirl #29 was ranked at 74. The sales index was 29.64.

Therefore, the title rose 3 slots from the sales of issue 29.

This may be a secondary to the buzz being raised from the new creative team and focus coming on in 34. Maybe readers want to get a sense of where the title is right now.

Or it may be that people saw that Will Pfeifer wrote the issue and bought it. Or maybe the Puckett detractors bought it because it was written by somebody not named Puckett.

Regardless, a leap of 3 slots when you are ranked in the 70's is nothing to write home about. The Sales Index number remains a mystery to me as to how to analyze it.

That said, at least the title did not seem to lose any more readers. I doubt the title is in danger of being cancelled now given the emphasis DC is placing on it and its place in the Superman titles. But if this title continues to lose readers and we are 6 months into Gates' run, it might be on the chopping block.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It Came from the Back Issue Box: DC Comics Presents 86

In anticipation of Supergirl's major part in Final Crisis #3, which is a mere 3 weeks away, I am continuing my review of her role and apperances in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This week’s review is Crisis Cross-over DC Comics Presents #86. Paul Kupperberg, who wrote The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl in the early 80's, wrote this issue. It features one of the villains he created in that run Blackstarr. The issue is drawn by Rick Hoberg.

The issue starts off with a near word-for word replay of the Batgirl/Supergirl conversation from Crisis on Infinite Earths #4. It is a conversation that deserved to be repeated. It is an especially wonderful exchange for Kara fans as it so succinctly shows why we love her. It shows the heroism and dedication of that incarnation of Supergirl.

Here, Batgirl is having a crisis of conscience and confidence. She feels that the world *is* going to end, that she is going to die. She’s scared and wonders if she was ever meant to be a hero.

Kara reminds her that powers don’t make a hero, that helping people is the definition of heroism. After all, police, firemen, soldiers are ordinary people and heroes. Here are similar panels … first from Crisis (with gorgeous George Perez art), and then from DCCP.

Then Kara notices a plane about to crash. She takes off to save the pilot. Batgirl comments "She doesn’t give a moment’s thought to herself or her safety … she’s a hero through and through."

The pilot asks Supergirl why she saved him since everyone is going to die anyways. Kara responds and she tells him "We fight to live as long as we can. That’s the only way to live … and to be able to live with yourself." Again, here are similar words and panels … first from Crisis and then DCCP.

What a great scene that simply shows what a great character that Supergirl was. She was heroic, humble, optimistic, and strong. And that is why I was not upset to read it again.

Realizing she will need some help to figure out what is happening in the universe, Supergirl flies to meet Superman only to find that he was looking for her. She reiterates that feeling of dread and foreboding we learned she had around the time of the Crisis.

Together they spot something in a distant galaxy that could be the cause of the crisis, 2 black holes in proximity to each other. Suddenly from that chaos, a figure forms … Blackstarr!

Blackstarr is an odd character. She was a child genius who cracked Einstein’s ‘Unified Theory’ giving her control over time and space. She also is eternally young, the child of a concentration camp survivor, and a Neo-nazi fascist! Confusing I know, but the bottom line is she was very powerful and gave Kara a run for her money in the Daring New Adventures title.

Superman immediately believes that Blackstarr is behind the chaos and attacks. Blackstarr fights him off briefly but then senses that the universe is tearing itself apart. Supergirl realizes that Blackstarr is not the cause of the Crisis and instead might be able to help. They call an uneasy truce until the madness ends.

Unfortunately, despite all Supergirl says to Superman about how Blackstarr is not the villain and instead perhaps a savior, Superman doesn’t listen to her and goes after Blackstarr again. This leads to Superman and Supergirl fighting each other for a couple of pages.

This is perhaps my least favorite part of the issue. At this stage of her career, it just seemed strange for Superman to be questioning Kara's experience and judgment. I mean, in what was known to be the last appearance of Supergirl before her death in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, did we really need to see the cousins fighting?

Luckily, everyone seems to calm down. Blackstarr convinces Superman she is not behind the collapsing universe. She asks Supergirl and Superman to fly to ‘the boundaries of the universe’ and she will use her powers to re-expand the universe to those boundaries. The strain to temporarily re-set the universe somehow makes Blackstarr vanish.

Superman and Supergirl realize that this is a momentary respite for the Crisis and that much more work needs to happen to save the universe. Still, Kara can’t shake that ominous feeling she has.

This feels like one last goodbye to the Supergirl character. Crisis #7 came out later that month. She is clearly the hero of this issue, surpassing even the star of the title Superman. Kupperberg clearly has a love of the character and a grasp of her personality. The more cartoony art of Rick Hoberg is reminiscent of Kurt Schaffenberger’s art from some Supergirl issues of the early 1970’s. Outside of that one hiccup of making her fight Superman, I think this is a very nice issue.

It should be in a Supergirl based collection.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cliff Chiang's Atomic Bombshells and my Commission

Over on Cliff Chiang's blog (link over there in the right column) , he is unveiling pics of comics/animated characters imagined as WWII bomber plane nose art. Yesterday's post was this absolutely lovely take on Supergirl. (Other characters so far have been Teela, Poison Ivy, Scarlett, and Princess from Battle of the Planets.)

There is so much to love in this Supergirl picture!

It just invokes so much Silver Age goodness! Kara is in the original costume with the blue skirt and short cape. She is in a rather demure position for a woman riding a rocket. And she oozes the beauty of a 50's pin-up girl.

On top of that, the rocket she is riding is a version of the original rocket she landed in way back in Action Comics 252. On his blog, Chiang says he used the half-tone background to also give it a Silver Age feel. And when was the last time she was called 'The Maid of Might' ??

I would buy this if it was a print. I would wear this if it was on a t-shirt!

I love Chiang's art. It is so clean and smooth but just grabs you. It reminds me a little of Alex Toth in that his art says so much, tells such a great story, with an economy of lines. I enjoyed his work on Beware the Creeper and The Human Target. I even bought Green Arrow/Black Canary for the first few issues solely for the art, and not the (shudder) Winick story.

I was lucky enough to meet Cliff Chiang at a Boston Comic Book Spectacular and here is the commission I got from him. It is a great shot of Supergirl soaring in the clouds and is proudly displayed on the 'Wall of Fame'.

If any readers are at the SDCC, I would highly recommend finding him, drooling over his art, and trying to grab a commission.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Review: Tiny Titans 6

And now for something completely different ...

Tiny Titans is the new Johnny DC comic written/drawn by Art Baltazar. It has got fairly decent reviews for a Johnny DC title, being enjoyed by both kids and adults, but more on that in a bit.

In this issue, Supergirl and Blue Beetle join the Tiny Titans. This is some indeterminant incarnation of Kara, although it most likely represents the new Supergirl ... not that continuity means anything here. For example, the Robin in this book is written as though it is Dick Grayson (given the occasional disco Nightwing costume jokes) rather than Tim Drake. And the Titans here are an amalgam of all incarnations of the Titans that have existed.

This is Supergirl's first appearance in the title and she is in 3 short stories in the issue.

The first story called 'Meet ya, greet ya' shows Supergirl and Blue Beetle's arriving at Titans Treehouse (cute).

Together they enter, hoping to meet the core members of the team: Robin, Speedy, Cyborg, etc.

In their place are some second stringers: Kid Vulcan, Hawk and Dove, Power Boy, and a few others. Turns out the real titans are on a field trip.

Nonplussed by the also-rans, Blue Beetle and Supergirl resign themselves to a long day with some nerds.

The second story she appears in is more a Blue Beetle story in which she has a brief role. It is not worth a scan.

The third story is untitled but has the Titans bringing their pets in for a 'show and tell' style event. Supergirl brings in her pets, Beppo the Super-monkey and Streaky the Super-cat. Beppo and Streaky !!!

Any Streaky appearance is a good Streaky appearance.
Clearly the Titans are starstruck by Kara and her pets.

Later Blue Beetle accidentally steps on Streaky's tail and as a result he spills his pets - a case full of bugs. Some mayhem ensues until Raven uses her magic to gather up the beetles.

This is an strange comic for me in a couple of ways.

It looks as though it is aimed at a younger set of readers, younger than the JLU/Teen Titans Go! tweener set. And the short stories with their slapstick elementary school level humor fits the bill.

And yet, as a reader, you need to have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the Titans and their history and powers to comprehend what happens. For example, there are lots of Trigon jokes without much explanation why Raven has a demon father (not that little kids need an explanation). Baltazar has brought in dozens of characters over the first six issues and does little to discuss their powers or explain who they are. So when a little Jericho uses his powers on Deathstroke (who is the prinicipal of the Sidekick elementary school ... also cute), it is confusing unless you know that Jericho can take over people's minds. He includes both the Cassie and Donna and calls them both Wonder Girl. Kid Flash seems to be Wally, although it is never stated. That is a lot of Titans stuff for the young novice reader to grasp.

On the plus side, there is usually a game or puzzle page at the end. Also, this issue there was a code at the end so kids can translate what the beetle scarab is saying to Blue Beetle. Makes it a little fun.
I supose that children would be a better judge of this comic rather than a jaded veteran like me. But if you are not a comic fan and bought the issue as a lark for your kids, or if you bought this for a friend's kid as a way to introduce them to the medium, it might make very little sense to everyone.

Lastly, I am really glad that Supergirl is included in the title. Any time Supergirl is a featured character I am happy. And if introducing Supergirl in this comic makes a few young readers become lifelong Kara fans, even better.

Overall grade: silly enough to earn a 'B' from the kid in me