Monday, June 23, 2014

Sales Review: May 2014

The May 2014 sales were released last week and, as always, I think ICv2 has the best and most complete coverage. Here is the link to their list of the top300 comics from the month:

After the fervor of Amazing Spider-Man #1, Marvel's sales normalized and as a result DC seemed to rebound a bit. But how did Supergirl do?

Supergirl #31 was a middle chapter of the Red Daughter arc overall as well as a part of the smaller Red Lantern Judge plot. It was a great issue that I very much enjoyed. Supergirl helps Bleez, learns about tempering her power, sees Alura as a new role model, and is found 'innocent' by the Judge.


The unfortunately slipped out of the top 100, landing at #105.

Sales slipped about 700 units.

I tend to question DC's sales decisions. There have been ample opportunity to bring people to this book, whether it be Villains' month issues or Bombshell variants or even having her make a Doomed crossover in her own book. But instead this title seems to have to succeed or fail on its own.

Maybe, once she is back in the S-shield costume, DC will ramp up the publicity again.

Last month also saw the release of Rocket Girl #5, the last issue of this opening arc by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare.

This was a trippy time travel tale that was simply gorgeous to look at. It took place not only in the future but also in the past, my past, the 1980's. I loved this book.

And it looks like I was one of a select few who did.

I never know what marks a 'successful' owner project. But I am surprised this didn't sell better. This was a great book. Hopefully this sold well enough to warrant the next part of the story!


Thomas Hayes said...

LCS owners will probably buy more of #34 because of the Doomed tie-in, so that'll get at least a modest rise. Doomed has been good for sales of the titles involved in it so far. The Futures End issue will probably sell better than the book normally does, but then in October with #35, it's on its own again. Tony Bedard and Emanuela Lupacchino will have to do something new and fresh to keep the interest up. So will Action Comics and Superman/Wonder Woman.

Do you think we'll reach issue #50 on this volume?

Kim said...

Worth noting is that Supergirl is one of DCs titles that's losing readers the slowest (though sadly still losing). Out of the top 100 this month isn't all that weird, considering all the weekly comics (Batman Eternal, Original Sin, Future's End) and Marvel re-launches. Supergirl is also now ahead of several other n52 titles that started out selling more, and still selling more than the last 10 or so pre-reboot issues. Many other titles are now selling less than pre-reboot numbers.

It's quite fascinating, and I really don't understand why DC doesn't get the hint and increase the publicity a bit - bombshell variant at the very least. Because I think it's quite obvious they underestimate the commercial potential of Kara.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Thomas - I hope we reach #50. We are relatively close!

Kim - thanks for comment. You are right that sales are relatively stable here (despite the slow erosion). I guess Supergirl fans are pretty faithful!