Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Tiny Titans Return To The Treehouse #1

After lamenting the overall dark nature of the New 52 recently, I was thrilled when DC threw me something of a bone, announcing that All Ages dream team of Art Baltazar and Franco were going to return to some beloved material, the Tiny Titans.

Tiny Titans Return to the Treehouse #1 came out this last week and was a blast of fresh summer air. I know that this is meant for a younger crowd but as usual Baltazar and Franco inject enough DC history and characters into the book to make it a delight for DC fan of ... well ... of all ages.

And, frankly, it is a delight to see some old school costumes as well, away from the overly dreary New 52 versions. I mean this is basically what Raven should look like not the feather-faced thing currently in Teen Titans. And look, a yellow garbed Kid Flash with hair visible!

Simply put, there is joy here, a stark contrast to some of the main stream books.

But wait, there's more.

Kid Devil! Both Donna Troy as Wonder Girl and Cassie! M'Gann! and Speedy!

But I simply had to love that Superboy and Supergirl got some special credit, outside the face bubbles and taking a place of honor! I am sure it is a coloring error but nice to see Kara in the red skirt version of the costume!

This comic does bring back the somewhat sad memory of the Superman Family Adventures, a really fantastic comic that was canceled by DC way too quickly.

At least Baltazar and Franco make mention of it here as the super-family streaks to join the Titans.

I can never get me enough Streaky!

There is a wrinkle though. Brainiac 5 and Psimon are in the Brainiac club and have an assignment. They need to shrink something and put it into a bottle. So why not the treehouse, even if Terra, Raven, and Beast Boy are in there?

Brainiac was something of the big bad in the Superman Family Adventures so I wonder if Franco and Baltazar are trying to recapture some of that here. But is odd to see Brainiac 5 doing something like this. And I thought Psimon hated being called 'Brainiac'.

But this also makes me realize how much I miss the Legion.

The Treehouse gets shrunk and the Supers know they need a detective. So they enlist Robin.

I like how Ace's collar is a pouchy utility belt sort of thing.

Well, in something that would only work in an All Ages book, Robin makes a 'wood detector' to find the treehouse. It leads to some nice cameos!

Like Swamp Thing!

And Solomon Grundy (his coffin was detected).

And Metamorpho's wooden leg is a nice chew toy for Ace.

That is ridiculous. And wonderful. And inspired lunacy!

I love it!

Well, the wood detector doesn't turn up much so Supergirl decides to do the obvious ... use her super-powers to find it. Luckily or serendipitously it is right next to her as Brainiac 5 and Psimon are in the same park.

How could I not scan an action pose of Kara in this book?

Raven uses her magic to free the trapped Titans inside the bottle.

But before the treehouse can be saved the ship carrying the rest of the Brainiac Club arrives.

And it is Brainiac's ship.

Hmmm ... maybe Baltazar and Franco are using some of the SMA plotlines here.

Regardless, I had all sorts of love for this book. I was smiling while I was reading it because it again is a simple and joyous and fun.

Looking for a primer on the DCU that all can enjoy? Buy this book.

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Martin Gray said...

Amen, this comic has had me grinning for days. You're right, they must give us the L'il Legion!