Thursday, June 19, 2014

Infinite Crisis Supergirl

News came out earlier this week that Supergirl was joining another multiplayer online video game. Thanks to all the folks who passed on the info! As this seems somewhat 'buzzworthy', I thought I'd cover it sooner rather than later.

Supergirl was revealed as the next 'champion' in the Infinite Crisis game. Now the days of me playing video games regularly is unfortunately behind me. But pals with more free time tell me this is a fun game to play as a DC fan. Here is the link to the actual game:

There is a YouTube video showcasing the character, elements of design, and showing her powers. It is worth watching:

Now one thing I will say is the actual character (as seen above) is really beautiful. She looks great. And when you see her flying in during her origin video (more detailed graphics) she is bright and smiling. I mean look at her up there! That's fantastic!

Unfortunately, the new reality of Supergirl is the 'new 52' model. The designer describes her main motivation as being angry. He says part of her character is that she has a very visceral response her landing punches against her opponents.

She does have a nice if interesting array of powers.

Since this is the New 52, she has a sort of sun burst power called Solar Furnace. But this is more like a Hulk power than a beam. With each successive punch she lands she glows brighter, gaining power. So basically the more violent she is, the more powerful she becomes. It is Hulk-like.

She also has an attack called 'World Breaker' which the designer states is when Supergirl 'punches through people'! Nothing says DCnU like being dismembered or impaled!

One of her end moves is called 'Comet'. I wonder if the game designers knew about the Comet character when they added this. It is pretty much a tackling attack similar to a spear in football.

I do like that she has a 'Determination' ability where she can focus and gain bonuses.

Look, I understand this is a fighting game. Of course there is little place in a game like this for brightness and optimism. But it still bothers me that the new normal is an angry Supergirl glowing with rage and punching through people.

The YouTube video does show game play which makes me think the game is a lot of fun, especially when it comes to crafting a team. But some of it sounds odd. You can equip characters with gear to help optimize their abilities. They recommend that Supergirl should wield Joe Chill's gun. That's just wrong.

Still, I think DC is still looking to cash in on both Supergirl's more historic optimistic outlook and the bad girl they want to shove down our throats.

Look at this image from the game. That is a smiling Supergirl, looking up at the stars, arms folded in a confident way. That is more classic Supergirl!

Does that look like an enraged character looking to punch through people, seething with her own rage?

So which Supergirl is it?

Anyways, would love to hear from anyone who plays the game.


Anonymous said...

Didn't I say from the git-go that the Nu 52 Supergirl was basically a more dollsome fleshtoned version of the Incredible Hulk?

Was I right or was I right??


William Wade II said...

I didn't have a chance to check out the info when I sent you the link. I was approved for the Alpha back in the day but have never played. Not really a LoL or DotA player. I am disheartened with how DC is portraying their characters. I finally got to read Supergirl #27 (yeah I'm behind again) and I can see what you mean, that issue just screams angry teenage girl who just wants to "SMASH" lol. I hope this is just a phase, but who knows. I did read somewhere that the anniversary of Crisis will be next spring so maybe there is hope they will swing things in a new direction then as DC says the "New 52" is no longer new or limited to 52.

Anonymous said...

My brother bought me Kara on the game as he plays it. She's pretty much everything we want her to be, expect Kara to be!

Of course, I'm such a Supergirl sap I was getting so excited hearing her and watching her fight (even if it was my brother playing her).

While she does say, "I don't trust humans," it's not bitter, more sad, really.

When she's been pounded on and defeated, when she respawns she'll say, "Now I'm angry!" However, after being utterly assaulted, this isn't unusual for a Supergirl to do.

"I can't believe that Kal's grown up!", or something like that. Not angry or bitter though, more of a "oh, wow, it's crazy!"

Here, Supergirl is bright, hopeful, and most of all heroic. My memory alludes me at the moment all the things she says, but they are of a Supergirl that wants justice in the world, will do what it takes to get it, but who isn't afraid to smile or believe in something better.

"Krypton lives on - in me!"

By the way, when they use the term "bruiser" to describe Kara, it's a term representing the kind of game play she has, not the character's attitude.

In addition, this game has introduced a skin for Kara which may represent a possible outcome for New 52 Supergirl, or the first appearance of another Earth's Supegirl altogether: "Varsity" Supergirl.

Varsity Supergirl is a high school attending Kara who wears a red and blue varsity jacket over an oversize yellow shirt which is over a black tee with her New 52 symbol in gold. She wears a red and yellow backpack. She has red khakis and blue slipper shoes. She has a ponytail and red hairband.

This version of Kara is someone I'd love to see in comics, and would definitely fit in other media as well. While not as iconic as her uniform, it would be a welcome change from her crotch shield, and I think it would be a great way to market to a wider audience. Anyway, that's just me: something new about Supergirl I like is the equivalent of what most people are like after eating a bag of sugar.

Here's the link to see Varsity Supergirl: