Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another Reason Why Mark Waid Is One Of My Favorite Creators

I have always been a fan of Mark Waid. I can rattle off innumerable runs of books and mini-series he has done that are cherished parts of my collection. From Flash to Superman Birthright to Kingdom Come to Brave and the Bold to Daredevil, almost everything I have read that Waid has written has been great.

I recently began rereading my Waid run of  Flash, devouring the issues. It is these issues that made Wally West the Flash for me. It isn't Barry. It's Wally ... that Wally.

I am also enjoying reading the letter columns, a part of comics that I miss in this internet driven world. In Flash #102, a letter writer commented that Waid must have a special someone in his life given how he can write the loving relationship between Wally and Linda.

Here is editor Brian Augustyn's response.

Waid's special woman was Kara Zor-El.

Remember, at this point in DC history, we were in the Matrix Supergirl era, a year before PAD's title.

There was no Kara Zor-El.

How great to hear that a creator I admire has an unabashed love for Supergirl.

Not that this should come as a surprise ...

Waid was the editor on Christmas With The Super-Heroes #2, the famous issue with 'Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot'. That is the issue where Kara tells Deadman to continue being a hero, even if no one knows you are doing it, even if no one remembers you.

I have written about that story as have many others. For Supergirl fans, it was a balm to our battered fandom, a eulogy for Kara.

I have heard rumors that Waid 'got in trouble' for that story.

Waid also added Supergirl to his Legion of Super-Heroes run ... a mix of my two favorite DC properties.

In her own book, Supergirl was a petulant, immature, selfish, angst-ridden young woman. With Waid, she was a hero, leaping into action and trying to help. While I struggled with reading Joe Kelly's book, Waid reminded me about all the things I love about Supergirl.

I am hoping to meet and chat with Waid at the Boston Comic-Con. I just want to thank him for being in Supergirl's corner all these years.


Jay said...

While I think I like the New 52 Superman a hell of a lot more than he does, he knows his Superverse and more importantly, he loves it. In an era where it seems most would rather be working on anything Batman related, its definitely something DC needs more of and why I wish they could have a working relationship again.

Martin Gray said...

Great callback Anj, and I'm with Jay, I'd live to see Mark Waid back at DC. And if he could work on Kara I think we'd get an amazing run.