Thursday, June 30, 2016

Daring New Adventures of Supergirl Streaky

Last week, I covered the origin of Streaky the Super-cat from way back in Action Comics #261. It was a fun review of a time when the super-family had pets that survived!

I was reminded that Streaky the Super-Cat should probably be named Streaky I because back in Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #6, Paul Kupperberg introduced us to Streaky II.

Now this isn't a full review of this issue because there is too much fun with Matrix Prime and The Gang. It deserves its own review.

But I am on something of a Streaky high right now so I want to review the introduction of Streaky II.

Just to set the table for those new to Daring New, Linda Danvers is a grad student in Chicago, studying Criminal Psychology.

Here she is walking into her apartment building with her friend Joan when she hears a cat meowing.

Linda is immediately smitten with the little kitten. Picking it up and showering it with affection, she names this new pet Streaky. Linda thinks this little female kitty reminds her of another cat she used to own.

So Streaky I is a tomcat. Streaky II is a girl.

It also means that even in 1983, Streaky I was confirmed in continuity!

There is something sweet about Supergirl bringing in a stray cat as a pet. I love how she the first meal is a dish of tasty milk.  How fun!

This Streaky didn't have the same impact as the first. But I do like that Kupperberg acknowledged the past of Supergirl by bringing in an homage to the first super-cat. At this point, Supergirl was nearing 25 years of stories. She had a history. It took writers with respect for that past to elevate Kara.

There are more Streaky's out there, all covered here in the past.

Hoping Steve Orlando brings in another.

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Martin Gray said...

Awwwww so cute. Mind, full-fat milk isn't good for kitties.

I hope Joan took her in after Kara's death.