Thursday, June 2, 2016

SDCC Femme Fatale Exclusive Statue

Every so often I get lucky.

Last year I saw the SDCC Exclusive DC Comics Femme Fatales JLU Supergirl statue. And I wanted it.

But SDCC is a pipe dream for me. I'll never get there. So I thought I'd never get my hands on this piece of Supergirl swag.

Somehow, recently, my comic book store got hold of one. They said that when the SDCC exclusives don't sell out that they are solicited to stores. Knowing Supergirl is my favorite character, they gave me first crack at buying the statue and even allowed me to pay off a bit at a time. Pretty cool of them.

The whole package is slick. The black box pops, showcasing the bright statue on the inside.

Since this is the JLU statue, we get Supergirl's history from that show. Remember, Kara sported this costume in that show's last season. And she ends up living in the future with the Legion in the end.

The box covers all that history on the back. Nice recap!

As for the statue, it really captures the Supergirl of the show. The large blank blue eyes, the long hair with bangs, the rare 'red skirt, belly shirt' version of the costume all is pure JLU.

But that character was also powerful, head strong, and happy. So I think the smile and position of strength of the piece definitely captures her character as well.

The back is relatively simple without significant detailing of the cape or hair. But as this is a representation of the Timm-verse Supergirl, this made artistic sense.

Remember that DC solicited a Femme Fatales statue of Supergirl based on her Superman:The Animated Series appearances.

I thought putting the two side by side for comparison would be interesting. Clearly the general mold was the same as the base and overall pose are very similar.

But clearly the details are much different. The face and the costume details (sleeves, gloves, dress, boots) are all very different. But the do look nice side by side.

The shrine shelves are getting a bit crowded. This statue seemed to look best in the Silver Age section near the Terry Dodson bust (the only other red skirt/belly shirt piece I have). But I might need to completely rearrange the pieces soon. Because more are on the way.

Anyways, pretty lucky that I got it! It is pretty sweet.


Super Masked Banana said...

Cool statue - I was recently offered one and wasn't sure if it was worth grabbing, but I think your post is making me think it is!

Gjskier (Kal) said...

Awesome. Glad you were able to get one!