Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #20

My  review of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #20 is up over on the Legion of Super-Bloggers.

Mark Waid, Barry Kitson, and Adam DeKraker throw another plotline in to the ever-growing complexity of the title. The robots are rebelling. Brainiac 5 is descending into madness and obsession. A secret group is recruiting super-powered teens. The United Planets and the Legion are finding their alliance tricky to navigate.

And add to that world wide robberies by giants like Colossal Boy.

Turns out 'big city' is the product of Bizarro-Brainiac.

That is brilliant.

As for Supergirl, her presence has made things a little crazy for the Legion team.

But in particular, the usually staid Cosmic Boy finds that he might have deeper feelings for Kara than he is used to. Could this be love?

Hope you check out the whole review.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Anj. Loving the continued review of this, and the reread I'm doing with
you as you go through each issue. And yeah, what's not to love, especially about
Supergirl? I still chuckle at the snide comments the rest of the team makes
about her -- Projectera's "Little Miss Perfect" insult and Lighting Lad's "Sure
she's a little flaky, but if the job calls for power, she's got it in spades."
And how Supergirl is within earshot of it all but isn't fazed by the negativity.

As you say, in her main title, she'd probably have flown off after tearing the
place apart, or heatvisioning a swearword into the floor. Or just ignored the
problems where she could help an partying all night -- or whatever the 31st
century equivalent is. THIS is what the S Shield stands for, and she's living
up to it... albeit in the annoying but innocent "Me? Aww, shucks."

As for the plot point of (gasp) a romance over Supergirl... On one hand, what's
not to love about Supergirl, especially how Mark Waid writes her? And how the
male members of the team wouddn't get attracted to her? On the other, it had
the makings of a potential derailing disaster to things.

Kudos again to how well Waid walks that fine line between two extremes! Can't
wait for the next issue's review!