Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Funko Pop! Figure

When I go to comic conventions, I am always amazed when I see a wall of Funko Pop! tiny figures. Now, I am even more amazed when I see them in book stores and other places.

I have never bought one before. That said, I did once come very very close when I saw a Frankenberry one. I suppose it shows my dysfunctional relationship with food. The supergirls at home did get me a Superman one last Christmas which I proudly have in my work office.

Then Supergirl became a hot commodity, no doubt because of the television show. Suddenly I saw a Supergirl Pop! figure solicited. Guess I had to finally break down and buy one.

I suppose this is a standard Pop! figure with giant head and giant eyes. But I love that it is the Matrix style costume. This is pretty close to the show version and is pretty much spot on for the upcoming #Rebirth look.

The clenched fists are also a nice touch. She looks ready for action.

I was pretty please with the details on the back. We get multiple hair lines and cape folds. Pretty slick.

The Matrix costume is my favorite and luckily more and more merchandise has showcased that look. The Pop! figure slid in nicely to that section of the collection.

Not a bad little figure.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Supergirl appears in Injustice 2 trailer check it out in youtube

Anonymous said...

There is also a Funko Pop! figure for Power Girl.