Monday, June 13, 2016

Five New Characters On Supergirl Show

With the Supergirl second season still several months away, the show runners have done a good job of keeping fans interested and talking by leaking news and talking about the future run now. Just last week we heard that Superman will be in the first two episodes.

Now SupergirlTV has learned that five new characters will be on the show next season. Here is a link:

All the characters intrigue me, some more than others. They all sound like they will be good additions to the mix and keep the plots moving. The one question I have is if they are replacing some of the characters we have come to know and love. Will one of them step in to replace Maxwell Lord? Is one designed to soften the blow of less Calista Flockhart? I guess it all needs to play out. But I hope these new characters don't upset the chemistry that exists already.

Here are the character blurbs and my thoughts:

Lena Luthor (Full Time Character): who will be in the 25-35 year old range, arrives in town to get out from under the shadow of her infamous brother. She’s described as sexy and smart and determined to get what she wants. But what does she want? That remains unclear.

I have covered Lena a lot on this site over the years. For most of the pre-Crisis time, she didn't know she was Luthor's sister. In the early 80's, she learned of her heritage. That Lena had ESP from her exposure to a space brain. She was always Supergirl's friend. So I am hoping that dynamic exists on the show. It would be yet another way to contrast Kara to Kal. She is friends with a Luthor.

Of course, in Landry Walker and Eric Jone's Cosmic Adventures, Lena knew she was a Luthor and occasionally went to the dark side.

I suppose the season will be set up to have us constantly guessing her motivation until we learn in the end. I just hope she isn't a frenemy or even enemy like Siobhan.

Nick Farrow (Full Time Character): He’s a “brash leading man” who butts heads with Kara at CatCo. The son of a famous reporter, Nick is “looking to make a name for himself in the news world but the question of whether he can leave behind his former selfish and hedonistic ways will constantly arise. In hanging out with Kara, the hero in Nick might finally come out.

I am trying to think of who this character sounds like. Maybe Steve Lombard? Could he be a cad who ends up becoming a better person because of the CatCo staff? I suppose this makes him sound like Maxwell Lord without the super-villain trappings. Interesting.

The Doctor (Recurring Character): The diabolical female leader of Project Cadmus who uses her surgical skills to implant prisoners with alien technology.

Snapper Carr (Recurring Character): A veteran journalist appointed by Cat to remake the news division by going old school.

He might be called Snapper Carr but he doesn't sound like the Snapper Carr I know.

I wonder if he is going to be in Cat's office when Calista Flockhart isn't on set. Snapper will become the 'Perry White' of CatCo. This character description makes me think that Flockhart is not going to be on the show very often.

Maggie (Recurring Character): an out and proud detective for the newly formed Science Police, which deals specifically with metahuman and alien threats.

I like Maggie Sawyer. I always have. And I am glad she is back in the Superman books. I liked her in Batwoman but I felt she kind of got lost there. So I am glad that 'Maggie' is coming to the show. I will assume she is Sawyer given the description. And she will be a cool addition to the cast for any number of reasons.

And the term Science Police made my Legion heart thump a bit. We saw a flight ring. We have Science Police. Do the right thing CW!

I will say that I was hoping that Cameron Chase would return to the show. Sounds like the Maggie character is what I was hoping Chase would be.

So what do you guys think? Any thing stick out that you like? Or are worried about?


Martin Gray said...

I'm not worried in the least. Whatever characters stay or go - and I'd miss Cat and Max like mad if they weren't around - the show staff have earned my trust. Snapper is indeed an odd name choice, yes, he's been in Suoergirl strips previously, but as a STAR scientist working with Fred Danvers. Wonder if he'll have his Blasters powers?

Nick Farrow? This is personally weird, as when I began as a young reporter in the Eighties I worked with a fellow hack of the same name.. '
must be his Earth TV counterpart. Maybe he's a long lost son of Perry, trying too hard to prove himself.

I hope Lena is a bit psychic, and a pal.

As for Maggie, yay! I hope her middle name is Zendak...

The Doctor? Maybe old WW baddie Dr Cyber?

Supertorresmo said...

See injustice 2!! You will be pleased!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Anj. And definately excited about the new character prospects.

Regarding Lena Luthor, wondering if I'm crossing her and "Nasty" Luthor -- I seem to recall differently
about the two being friends, but I do recall about Eric Q and Landry W's interpretation of Lena during
that particular run. Personally I find that the best model for how they're going to do Lena, and that's
the most interesting way I would see Lena played.

The Doctor is the character that interests me the most. Having reread the Death of Superman arc over the
weekend, I find an interesting model for the character in Director Westfield, with a smattering of Amanda
Waller "Get out of my way, or I'll bury you!" bullheadedness.

Nick Farrow and Snapper Carr... I suspect your Steve Lombard / Perry White is going to be spot on, especially
from the test dialog released for the two. See how these two play out.


Anonymous said...

This isn't directly relevant but I was rereading JLA #23 when I stumbled across Matrix Prime and the Gang! (And then they got killed off in a few pages by Triumph. Boo.)

Uncle Screensaver said...

I was so excited to hear Lena Luthor being on the show. She was one of Kara's best friends, and I really hope that's reflected in the series. It would neat if she was like her Cosmic Adventures counterpart and a tech genius, which could be played against Winn. She'd be a welcome female member to Kara's Scooby gang.

Snapper may not have much related to his comic book version, but I think it's really a sweet treat to veteran comic book readers from the creators that they really love and respect the rich history of DC and Supergirl.

"The Doctor," could be a gender bent version of what's his name from Superboy, the one that was supposed to be Kon's other father before Lex came into play. Perhaps it's a version of the creep who developed the pill that took Kara's powers away way back when. Doctor Cyber does come to mind. Or, it could be that the character is just a new character designed to have new villain of the weeks.

"Nick Farrow," seems one I'll just have to trust the writers with. It's a shame they couldn't have used someone directly from Supergirl's past.