Friday, July 1, 2016

Supergirl Merchandise

Hat tip to blog friend Uncle Screensaver for forwarding me several links to Supergirl merchandise that is available on line now. I think Uncle is trying to drive me to the poor house. There is so much Supergirl stuff out there nowadays. I really have to pick and choose what I want to get.

First off, we knew that Funko was coming out with a Rock Candy version of Supergirl based on the comic book character. Now there is a new version available based on the the show character. Check it out here:Rock Candy Show Supergirl

I am hoping to get the comic version of the Rock Candy statue. I don't know if I will necessarily seek out the show version. I wonder what I will do if it is physically in front of me at a con. How could I pass it up?

The Bleacher Creature company makes plush versions of pop culture characters including the Reverse Flash! Let's cuddle up with the guy who murdered Barry's mom and Iris Allen!

Anyways, they have a Bleacher Creature Supergirl  now available.

This is one that I think I will pass up for myself. That said, if I ever have to buy a gift for a kid's birthday, this will be at the top of the list!

Finally there is a   Supergirl Show Calendar  available. A sixteen month long calendar at that! It looks like mostly character shots. I would have preferred action shots from the series. But this is still a nice way to remember the first season of the months.

To think there was a time where Supergirl was a forgotten part of the DCU, rarely the subject of merchandise. Now there is almost too much stuff for the avid fan!

Thanks again Uncle Screensaver! Now I have to save my pennies!

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Uncle Screensaver said...

You're most welcome! I kinda feel it's my duty to help ensure a fellow super Supergirl fan is aware of what's out there these days, just in case you would like to take part in all the Supergirl goodness. Of course, it's maybe a case of "ignorance keeps the wallet and brain safe." But it's still pretty awesome that not only does Supergirl have lots of visibility and merch right now that some are based on a live action tv show Supergirl, an animated Supergirl, a WWII bombshell Supergirl, a video game Supergirl and even a Lego Supergirl!