Thursday, July 21, 2016

Closing in on the Boston Comic Con

I know that SDCC starts today. But I'm not going to be there. Instead, I am finding it Hard to believe that in just about 3 weeks from now I'll be standing in line to get into the Boston Comic Con. I have been going to this con since its inception and have been impressed with how it has grown.

Over the last couple of years, the con has started to invite some celebrities to the event but the focus is always on the comics. This year they added a tag line espousing that ideal. "True to comics, committed to fans." I like it.

There is the usual glut of fantastic guests coming this year. And so I thought I would present the list of commission hopes. As you know, I try my best to get 4-5 commissions each year from this con. If I get my top two, I'll be thrilled. But as always, there are others I am hopeful for. And, as usual, the Grail piece will be within eyeshot but most like unattainable.

Here are the commission hopes.

Terry Dodson - I have always been impressed with the sheer beauty of Dodson's work. From the first Peter David Supergirl story in Showcase 96 to runs on Daredevil, Xmen, and Wonder Woman, I have always been drawn to his art.

This is the first time that I'll be seeing Dodson at a convention and so I'll be running to his table first in hopes of getting a Supergirl from him. I am leaning towards the Matrix style costume for Dodson although I might ask him if he'd be interested in doing the 70s version I have become just as fond of.

Jae Lee - My second commission hope is Jae Lee. Lee's stuff is just breath taking. I gushed about his work on Batman/Superman. I especially like the way he draws women. His Huntress, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Lois were all just gorgeous. Like Dodson, I haven't seen Lee at other conventions I have been to so I am hoping to get on the list.

If I'm able to get these two and nothing else I will be thrilled. I love both their styles. Fingers crossed. But on to the others.

Daniel Govar - I already have a Daniel Govar Supergirl commission (seen above) but frankly I think I blew it. I love this piece. But after I saw it I kept thinking that I should have asked for Supergirl with her flame wings. And I should have asked for full color. I think Govar's fantasy work is brilliant so the flame wings lean towards that style. So, despite already having one, I think I am aiming for another.

Amanda Conner - I know it all. She doesn't sketch anymore. Her line with Jimmy Palmiotti is always endless so even if she did sketch, it would be doubtful that she'd have time. Still, an Amanda Conner Supergirl is the Grail piece for me. I suppose there is no harm in asking. And if anyone can put in a good word for me, please do!

There are plenty of other artists going to the show whose work I love and would be happy to get a sketch from. I mean, who wouldn't want a Supergirl sketch from Rafael Albuquerque, Jenny Frison, Stacey Lee, Tana Ford, or Fred Hembeck. So I am hopeful I'll be able to snag a few.

There are also plenty of writers heading to the con and I'll look forward to meeting them as well. The big one for me will be James Robinson because I have never met him. I'll have a stack of comics for him to sign, mainly from his time on Justice League and Superman.

It is about this time that I start to get pretty pumped and begin counting down the days.  Boston Comic Con, here I come!


Martin Gray said...

Oh yeah, the Seventies version is a must. Say no to panty shield!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you that Jae Lee's stuff is amazing. I impulse-bought a backstock copy of that annual you picture at a comics shop on the strength of the cover alone (especially Supergirl).

Super Masked Banana said...

Where is the Terry Dodson art from? That is gorgeous - even with the New 52 outfit

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

The Dodson art was for some exclusive Midtown Comics variant.

I'll see which costume arid son wants to draw.

Diabolu Frank said...

I don't think I could handle shows like Boston CC or Heroes Con. Too many awesome artists to choose from. Too much money to lose. That's why I never leave Houston for shows, so when someone bothers to come to town, it's more special and/or more disappointing to be stuck on a will-call list for a stupid little head shot and possibly have gotten said call while stuck at a panel the girlfriend wanted to see. Anyway, I think I blew my budget on Aliens 30th anniversary commissions, and there's only one "just okay" con left this year, who haven't booked any compelling reasons to attend 44 days from now.

Since you already own a Stelfreeze (bastard) & a Cliff Chiang & a Phil Jimenez, it were me, I'd prioritize Jenny Frison. Also, Pat Broderick and Josh C. Lyman gave me attractive prices when they were in town.