Saturday, July 9, 2016

Review: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23

I continue my look at the Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes over at the Legion of Super-Bloggers site.

This week we hit Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23, an issue which finally addresses the babootch in the room, that a Supergirl who believes she is dreaming this reality is scary Supergirl. What if she thinks her actions have no consequences? What if she gets upset when she realizes that this is real? How could the Legion stop her?

Storytellers Mark Waid and Barry Kitson do a good job of giving us a Legion intervention, forcing Kara to face the truth about where and when she is.

But they also continue weaving a number of subplots which make this a very satisfying read.

My favorite bit is that Waid includes Rokyn in this post-Crisis/post Zero Hour world. This is reaching way back to the history  in Superman #338 a book I covered way back in 2008. In that story, Kandor was enlarged on a new world, a world the Kryptonians renamed Rokyn. By placing Supergirl on this Krypton-like planet, the team could ease her into understanding that she wasn't dreaming. That this was ll real.

It is that appreciation for the DCU that makes me wish that Waid and Warner Brothers would somehow reach out to each other and smooth over the past. I would love to read a DC book by Waid, almost any DC book would do.


Anonymous said...

Great review as always Anj, and yeah, the writers are definately firing on all cylinders.
The reality check the Legion gives Kara/Supergirl is heartrending, especially having Kara
tear up and think she's being thrown to the wolves, but Waid treats it with great respect
but practicality of needing Supergirl snapped back to reality. And now that she is, and
amongst her own people, I would've wondered too if Supergirl was going to get tossed aside
like yesterday's trash, story-wise.

Can't wait for next issue's review / introspective.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I'd love to see Mark Waid write a Supergirl ongoing series, or a graphic novel, or script to a short film or even a few lines on the back of an envelope.
He is "one of us".
DC should put its pride aside, what little pride they have left I mean and get straight with Waid...