Wednesday, November 9, 2011

World Wide Reach Of Cosmic Adventure In The Eighth Grade

How cool was Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade? Cool enough that it was collected and marketed in Italy.

Of course there it's Supergirl: Incontri Ravvicinati Della Terza Media.

But for me, it makes me happy that this book is still out there and has some sort of universal appeal and influence.

The book is sort of digest sized. Here you can see it is smaller than the usual U.S. released comic. Perfect to shove in your back pocket and carry around.

And it's a nice collection. I like how the covers have little inside folds.

Here are the credits for testi Landry Walker and disegni Eric Jones.

And the back cover press. For the time being, I will think of Supergirl as Kara Zor-El, la cugina di Superman.

The inside back flap has brief bios for the creators as well as a picture of the team.

So, maybe if the Italian market sells like wildfire DC will give us a sequel?

Thanks to Landry Walker for letting me know about this trade. It must be cool to know that your work has an international appeal.

I'll say it again. DC, give us a Cosmic Adventures in the Ninth Grade!!


Gene said...

Disposizione di disegno eccellente!
(Excellent design layout!)

I' m. sure che gli italiani con il resto del mondo vogliono vedere Supergirl nel nono grado.

(I'm sure the Italians along with the rest of the world want to see Supergirl in the Ninth Grade.)


Anonymous said...

Supergirl has been published and collected in about 70 countries all over since 1959.-
I don´t thik this fact is even known (much less understood) inside America. Or should I say Amerika (Mc. Cain, Herman CAIN, Rick Perry...)

Anonymous said...

No no, "Supergirl, Cosmic Adventures at Summer Camp" You know you wanna read that!!!


Anonymous said...

I want a sequel to this series, SO BAD!!!! I hope DC is listening! Any news, Landry?-ealperin

Nikki said...

We are getting an all ages Super BFF comic so I doubt a sequel is coming.

Nikki said...

With Italy about to go bust I hope someone is there to buy it!

valerie21601 said...

When times get really tough or hard as some might say, the majority of people will turn to stories like Cosmic Adventures to escape the darkness and the gloom around them not run to the dark, violent, over sexualized, dreary universe DC thinks will sell in the long run.

Few people remember during the Great Depression, people went to the movie theaters to escape their daily woes and for a brief hour and half have some bright movie happiness where at the end of the movie, after the hero or heroine goes thru their trails, the bad guys get their due, they get to walk off in the sunset with their loved one.

During the Great Depression (aside from the Prohibition and Speakeasies) costume parties and lavish parties on many income levels (whenever they could do it) did really great business.
Dance contests was all the rage. Airplane shows with their daredevil pilots amazed people with wonder. All done to escape the sadness of the times.

Anj said...

I agree that the BFF book probably means no more Cosmic.

But I don't know if it makes sense. I wish there were more good Johnny DC books out there that I could share with the next generation of fans. I am pretty sure that Cosmic was a success. Why not keep it going?

valerie21601 said...

Anj, I guess that's why everyone, who loves the 8th Grade series, should help take part in a letter writing campaign to help Landry get the 9th Grade series published.

Maybe if we can get the other Supergirl blogs to join in and help other pro-Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade readers into sending handwritten or printed letters to DC Comics maybe something good will come out of it.