Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brian Bolland Supergirl

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Last month, I was part of a blog crossover with the Idol Head of Diabolu reviewing a three part DC Comic Presents story involving Superman, Supergirl, The Martian Manhunter, The Spectre, and Mongul.

Well, I have to thank my crossover collaborator, Diabolu Frank for cluing me into this collection of that story which was released in England. Here is the link to Frank's discussion: And here is the blog that Frank pulled his info from:

It turns out the three issues of DCCP were packaged as an Annual across the pond and it featured this cover by Brian Bolland. Now I am a huge fan of Bolland's work ... a huge fan. And one thing that bugged me was that I never got to see his rendition of Supergirl. That is, until now.

So it certainly isn't his best work, but it is a Bolland Supergirl, in the hot pants costume no less. So just seeing this makes me give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

Now I love Bolland's interiors on Camelot 3000 and The Killing Joke. And I thought his Animal Man covers were great. But I think my favorite stuff by him is his Wonder Woman covers from the mid 1990's including this, my favorite cover from that run, Wonder Woman #0.

For those interested, Bolland has started a blog where he is showcasing his work at

Thanks again Frank!


Martin Gray said...

I have that annual, it's such a treat to have that storyline in one book - us British kids were lucky! I'd love to see Bolland's take on current Kara.

And you're so right about the WW Bolland covers, they're sublime.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all US readers.

The League said...

I recently picked up "Cover Story: The Art of Brian Bolland". The art and notes are great:

Diabolu Frank said...

I suppose Gary Frank is the closest we'll ever come to a long form Bolland on Supergirl, but how is it possible he hasn't drawn her since 1983? I shall have to launch an inquiry!

Diabolu Frank said...

It's a start...

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments ... and the imaginary stories cover link!

I love Bolland's work and hope to see more soon.