Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Supergirl Promotional Pages

There certainly was a major publicity push for the DCnU throughout media both mainstream and more comic-centric alike. And one of the things that I have been impressed with has been how the mainstream media has remained plugged in. The Source continues to post multiple links where DC books are previewed or creators interviewed.

But another thing DC has done is maintain internal publicity, pushing their own books in the pages of other books. While the company is doing a great job pushing most of its books, I have been very happy with the amount of time Supergirl has spent in the spotlight.

The page above, a cropping of the cover of Supergirl #1 has been a splash page ad running in some of the DC books this month.

And I have enjoyed the short interviews with creators that DC has been putting in the back of the books as well. I certainly didn't buy all of the new 52 and haven't really sampled any new books since I settled on my latest pull list of monthlys (Supergirl, Action, Superman, Superboy, Legion, Legion Lost, Animal Man, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Demon Knights, Green Lantern, Hawk and Dove, JLA, JL Dark, Wonder Woman). That is certainly more than I expected to settle on. But these interviews have allowed me to hear more about the books I'm not picking up.

Here is the Supergirl page with a brief Q&A session with writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson as well as artist Mahmud Asrar. It is well worth reading although there isn't a lot of new information here for those of us who have read every interview and quote these guys have said about the book. But there were a couple quotes that stuck out.

Green and Johnson said that they are excited to (re)introduce Supergirl to new readers but they "also really want long time fans of Kara to enjoy this new incarnation of such a beloved and iconic character." As a long time fan that is reassuring to me. At the very least it means they recognize what has worked in the past, what has made Supergirl fans become fans of Supergirl, and therefore don't want to necessarily complete recreate her. I am all for bringing in new Supergirl fans. I have always wanted her to be more popular. But I think her core needs to remain solid.

Asrar says something similar saying "This is the Supergirl you know but she's not the Kara you are familiar with."

Anyways, Supergirl has to be considered a hit coming out of the DCnU and this sort of publicity can only help keep her near the top where she belongs. And the creative team continues to say more and more that makes me think that the book will have a Supergirl I like.

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