Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sales Review: October 2011

When DC announced the 'relaunch' of their universe, I was worried. In a struggling comic market, could a fanbase survive yet another reboot? Did we need another Superman origin? A 'pissed off' Supergirl? A handful of war comics?

Was this going to be a jumping on point? Or a jumping off point?

Well, if sales through the first 2 months of the DCnU are any indication, it is clearly a jumping on point. Here are the October sales, month 2 of the DCnU, as reported by ICv2:

Now I know that 2 months of incredible sales don't mean much long term. And I doubt that the mainstream publicity blitz is going to last forever. But certainly, as a comic fan, I am glad to see so many books being 'sold' (whatever that means ... I understand these are books sent to stores, not necessarily bought; I know these books could be returned, and I have no idea about download numbers). If business is better, for whatever reason, I'm happy.

Supergirl #2 remained solid in sales, ranked #33 overall and selling 55,249 units. Amazingly, that is up from sales for #1 (first printing). Sales went up! I'm glad this new version seems to have captured the attention of readers.

For me, it is incredible that Supergirl is basically selling as well as New Avengers and something like X-Men Regenesis. And second printings of Supergirl #1 sold just north of 14,000.

As for my sleeper comic, Hawk and Dove #2 slipped in sales, dropping about 15% in sales. I'm not necessarily surprised by some sort of drop-off. I know I sampled a bunch of the DCnU #1's without going back for the second issue.

Three months ago, a comic selling 32K was considered a solid seller and extremely healthy. I don't think that has changed in the glaring light of increased sales. Hopefully those who stuck around for the next issue are in for the long term. I am glad this comic, a great mix of crazy action and a growing mythology, is doing well and I hope the sales hold solid.

These numbers are almost mind-boggling. I think I have to call the DCnU a huge success and say congratulations to Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and the rest of the upper echelon of the DC offices. I hope this surge in sales continues.


Dave Mullen said...

I'm fairly skeptical about these sales numbers but for Supergirl I wonder if the books future, along with Superboy's, is going to be tied more strongly to the Superman universe?
What's worrying about the Superman universe coming out of September is how isolated, hostile and seperate the characters are. None of these three know each other and none of them have a single solitary reason to bond together. They are three complete strangers with seperate lives and introverted personalities... I'm not at all sure whether there's anything to build on with thiss set-up.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree! Great analysis...
dear Anj: You are only calling 56 thou. copies "absolutely mind-boggling" because you don´t factor in these two little factoids:
1) From 1950 to 1985 Superman & Supergirl sold into the Millions of copies every week, /thru "Action"-
Only Batman sold something likewise.-
2) After the "Rockefellers" satanists & marrano jews took over thru their drug-laundering "WB" outfit...and after their two nice & little Illuminati Ceremonies
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all comix industry totally collapsed until today...Who wants to read about the only thing they publish about these years?? How great their "Isis" is?? (aka WW, aka Maria Magdalena, Aka Semiramis, their "one Godess & Queen of Heaven...?).-
3) Once we take over their little outfit (DC Comix= The church of Isis=WW)away from the "Rockefellers" ...then comic books in America will again sell into the millions...

Anonymous said...

"satanists & marrano jews"


Benwahbob said...

The crazy just follows us here eventually, John. He's the new Larry Gardner

Anonymous said...

"Marrano Jews" is a particularly ugly ethnic slur as it denotes Jews that were compelled to convert to Christianity in Spain/Portugal during the 15th century reign of the Inquisition.
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And yes this all very distasteful and off-topic, I do apologize.


Anj said...

Apologies about that stuff if it is offensive.

I don't know if I understand what David has to say half the time. If it is incendiary or inflammatory, I can start doing something about it.