Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rock Candy Supergirl

For those who recall, finding a Supergirl Rock Candy figurine was a mission of mine for the Boston Comic Con. Luckily, I can say 'mission accomplished'. While I didn't get any actual comics at the con, I did get commissions and this addition to my collection.

I knew I was going to love this figure. It is cute. I love the big eyes and powerful stance. I love the Matrix style costume with the red skirt and boots. And I like the sort of 40's movie star hair style.

This is just a big win! I am so happy I was able to find it. And it was affordable too!

The back is nice as well. There are enough contours and waves within the hair to make it interesting.  And the few ripples in the cape is fine.

I always want to make sure that the designers don't forget the back of these things. So small flourishes like these are appreciated.

Apologies for the relatively lousy picture of this portion of the collection.

I promise, a complete look at what the collection looks like now is in the works.

Still, the Rock Candy figurine gets put in the 'red skirt' section of the shrine. And it is too cute to put in the 'second row'. I have to rearrange these things so everyone can be seen.

Bottom line, I was lucky to find this on the last day of the con.


Anonymous said...

This is the silver-age Supergirl right down to the hairdo....occasionally depicted in an off model red skirt due to colorist's error (dismissed in the letter columns as a reversible skirt, girls being so whimsical according to comic book editors circa 1959).....


Anj said...

Yeah! I love it!

Super Masked Banana said...

I am yet to get this one, but I did recently pickup the TV version. Great figure