Saturday, August 6, 2016

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #27

This week on the Legion of Super-Bloggers, I review Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #27. Here is a link to the whole piece:

The prior issue had established the Dominator threat. War was happening. And the Legion were at odds with the quasi-allies The Wanderers. This issue ramps up the Dominator threat, showing us just how difficult this war will be to win. From all angles, it seems that the Dominion has the advantage.

Story tellers Mark Waid and Barry Kitson do a great job of showing just how outmatched the Legion are in these early stages. It can't be war without casualties and we see our heroes gravely injured.

And yet, despite all the action, Waid and Kitson continue to infuse wonderful character moments. Most of them come contrasting Mekt's approach to problems with the Legion.

Here Mekt simply wants to chalk up the death of UP delegates as casualties of war and the dropping of dead weight. Cos both upholds the sanctity of life and knows that those delegates would be powerful allies against the Dominators. It is a small moment but speaks volumes about who the Legion are.

With the pedal floored, this book continues to roll on!

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Anonymous said...

> With the pedal floored, this book continues to roll on!

Indeed, and I'm reminded how floored the pedal is for the next couple issues
from this point on. And Supergirl is there with the Legion, punching for
all of us! Can't wait for next issue's review, Anj!