Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DC Superhero Girls: Doubles Trouble

It had been a while since I had checked the DC Superhero Girls site. Despite my lack of traffic, I was surprised to see that I was three short films behind. Here is a link:

The latest is titled 'Doubles Trouble' and really focuses on Supergirl. DCSHG really has played up Kara as a stranger in a strange land, have her respond adorkably to her new home and 'out in the open' powers. It makes her a very endearing. She remains positive despite her silly gaffes.

On to the show!

Kara admits she isn't too sure if this will work. She doesn't know much about 'ten eyes' and Kryptonians aren't natural athletes. Still, she is upbeat about the whole thing.

And Katana reminds her that super strength, speed, and reflexes all will make Suoergirl handy in the court.

It's clear that one of the themes of this issue is just how naive to Earth culture Supergirl is. I love the 'ten eyes' mistake. It's cute.

The Maid of Might turns out to have a bit too much power behind her forehands and backhands.

All her volleys zip out of the court resulting in smashed trees, cratered roads, and demolished abandoned buildings. She really has super strength!

It comes off as awkward rather than clumsy or foolish. It's silly but it works.

While playing, Supergirl hears a crime taking place. She flies away leaving Katana alone.

She discovers the Double Dare Twins in a simple purse snatching.

Double Dare Twins? Does anyone know who they are? They definitely have mad gymnastic skills, back flipping and tumbling away. They remind me a little of Jewelee.

The Twins end up converging on the very Superhero High tennis court Supergirl had been playing on. Using her strength, she blasts a tennis ball into the court, creating a crater that the villains, tangled in the net, fall into. Kara gives a great end quip - 'You've been served!'

Anyone who knows me knows that I think the pun is the highest form of humor. To hear Kara give such a groan worthy wordplay made me smile!

In the end,Kara's leaving the court resulted in Katana losing the match. But Katana recognizes that even if Supergirl is a list tennis player, she is a great hero. The students award her the 'Acey' for her good deeds.

This was a fun little short once again showcasing that Supergirl is getting a handle on her powers and on Earth culture. But instead of it being annoying, it works. She is utterly charming. And her striving so hard to be a hero makes it all work.

Great stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the review, Anj. And definately, love how Supergirl's the focus of another
episode again. I'm not sure about the comment " Kryptonians aren't natural atheletes," but it
works overall with her adorkable nature. I was also wondering about the Double Dare Twins as well,
checking the DC Wikia brings up this -- http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Double_Dare

Can't wait for the next episode. LOVE IT!