Thursday, August 25, 2016

Boston Comic-Con 2016: Tana Ford Commission

Hello and welcome back to another installation of my Boston Comic Con 2016 review.

I really consider myself lucky to have been able to grab a commission by Tana Ford at this year's con. And I am not surprised that it is this fantastic. I have always been enamored of Ford's style and this picture of Supergirl is resplendent.

From the 'ready for action' pose, to the 'bring it on' expression, to the flying amidst the clouds, this whole thing is mesmerizing. The full color palate really adds so much depth to the piece as well. I am really just floored by this piece.

This truly is one of those times where a little bit of leg work on my part pre-con paid off. (I talked about commission planning here.) I had tweeted out to Ford before the con which put me in touch with her handler Geoff Mart. It let me know how Ford takes her list and her prices. Armed with such knowledge, I made sure to head to her table early on in the con. Thankfully, it all worked out.

I'm just thrilled with the piece.

Ford was super nice and great to chat with as well. I love the Silk comic as it reminds me of the earliest Spider-Man stories. Cindy is really trying to balance all the aspects of her life while dealing with the utter isolation she suffered early in on.

What I love about her art in the book is that Ford is able to shine in all the areas of the plot. So I love the action sequences.  There is something fascinating about Silk's webs. She has a sort of 'gangly' feel like Ditko Spider-Man. And you feel Cindy's determination in the fighting.

But there is also a softness in the quiet personal moments we see in the book. Ford's expressive work on the characters lends so much to the mood of the scene. I just love it.

Again, thanks to Tana Ford for the commission. It is a great addition to my collection.

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Anonymous said...

Wow such a great piece. Really beautiful. You must have quite the collection of sketches.