Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Supergirl Bullet Points

Lots of stuff swirling around the internet these days. And unfortunately we need to wait a couple more weeks before we can read what is really happening to Supergirl in the DCnU.

Thought I'd take a break from the near non-stop recent reviewing and catch up on some things.

Comic Book Resources recently had a poll asking people to vote for their favorite DC and Marvel characters. Here is a link to the master lists so far: http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2011/09/01/2011-top-100-dc-and-marvel-comic-book-characters-master-list/

Supergirl came in at number 43, which I think is a very good showing for the Girl of Steel. When CBR last ran the poll in 2007, Supergirl came in at 58, so that is a very nice jump. I'd like to think that jump was based primarily on the strength of stories we have seen in the old book, Cosmic Adventures, and in the JLA over the last couple of years.

DC has a lot of great and lot of wildly popular characters. I am thrilled Supergirl ranked as high as she did and gained some momentum. Of course, this was based on the 'old' heroic Supergirl.

Over on his site, Mahmud Asrar has posted some commissions he has been doing for an upcoming convention. Here is a snippet of a Steampunk Supergirl he did as well as the link to the page:

Here's hoping he posts the whole thing some time, either on his blog or DeviantArt site. I think the art on the Supergirl book is going to be very good. I can still hope that the costume gets tinkered with a bit.

Lastly, I occasionally guest post over on the DC Bloodlines blog. Recently, Bloodlines began a series for blogger's comic resumes. Here is a link to mine: http://dcbloodlines.blogspot.com/2011/09/comic-resume-anjs-origins.html

I cut my comic teeth on the Mike Grell era Legion which might explain my lifelong love for the team. It also might explain why I think Grell's version of the Shrinking Violet outfit might be my favorite Legion costume of all time.

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