Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amanda Conner's Women Of DC Supergirl Bust

Just under the gun of the new Supergirl costume in the DC Relaunch, DC Direct released the latest Women of DC Series 3 Supergirl bust, this one based on a sketch by Amanda Conner.

This is a very nice mini-statue with Supergirl in the famous 'Kryptonian busting out of chains' motif we have seen many times before. It also shows a very happy and strong appearing Kara. The flying chains and hair swooshing gives it a pretty dynamic feel, which works very well here.

The back of the statue is very nice as well with the intricate chain links nicely rendered as well as a very nice cape.

One thing I like about all the Supergirl Women of DC busts is that they have a very similarly themed base, a sort of skyscraper appearing block. We have seen similar takes on the Adam Hughes and Terry Dodson busts as well.

This is probably the last merchandise with this version of the costume for some time so I am glad it captures the look of the later stages of that version of Supergirl so well.

I definitely like the pointy gold sleeve endings, evocative of Amazonian bracelets. And the gold trim on the rest of the outfit and cape look perfect here.

Here is the sketch by Conner on which the statue is based, a nice addition to the packaging here.

Conner really needs to be on a DC book.

The statue is $60, the standard price for things like this. It really is an appropriate goodbye card to the last version of Supergirl and will be a nice addition to my collection.

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