Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Rest Of My DCnU Week Three Purchases

Three weeks in and things are starting to sort themselves out in the DCnU and my pull list. And, because of some impulse buys, I bought more of the 'New 52' this week than I anticipated. Here are some quick thoughts and where the land on the 'long term', 'short haul', 'better grab me', and 'done in one' scale.

Wonder Woman - I have always been a Diana fan and have sporadically collected her title depending on the strength of the stories or who the creative team was. I am always hoping that I will read an excellent Wonder Woman book.

When I heard that the creative team for the DCnU Wonder Woman was Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang I had very high hopes. And when Azzarello said that the tone of the book would be more horror based, I felt even better.

My instincts were right as the book really crackled. Diana is called upon to protect a mortal carrying Zeus' baby. And it is clear that the gods have deciding to once again intervene in the world of men. Apollo, Mercury, and (maybe) Argus are all seen here, toying and playing with lives here.

Chiang's art has evolved over time and is a bit scratchier than stuff from a couple of years ago. But it works well here. And Diana is just as she should be, confident, strong, a warrior and a defender of the helpless. This could be a big win.

Initial rank: 'Long term'
Verdict: 'Long term'

DC Universe Presents Deadman - Much like the 'Classified' titles, this Showcase-like book will be on my pull list depending on the characters and the creative teams. DC Universe Presents opens out of the gates with two of my favorite creators: writer Paul Jenkins and artist Bernard Chang. Those two were enough to let me overlook that the star of the book is Deadman, a character I have never been keen on.

There is a bit more of a redemption theme in this story. Turns out Boston Brand was a bit of a jerk when he was alive and needs to make amends for that. To become the man he should be, that good man, he needs to cross this gulf. The only way to get there is to help people in their lives.

Perhaps what I liked best here is that Deadman ends up hopping into the lives of 'normal' people. It isn't all team-ups with Batman. It is being a death row prisoner, a stripper, a wheelchair-bound war veteran. Can these ordinary stories be compelling in comics? We'll see. This was a solid opening chapter and Bernard Chang just brings it. Wonderful stuff whether it be the mundane or the fantastic.

Initial rank: 'Short term' (this arc)
Verdict: 'Short term' (this arc, but definitely in)

The comic I was most unsure about was Captain Atom. Written by JT Krul and drawn by Freddie Williams III (a favorite of mine), the book had some creative clout. But I really don't know too much of Krul and the Captain hasn't been a favorite of mine.

Williams has changed up his style for the book, giving it a softer, pencilled feel. Some things are also a bit more warped or stylized than his prior stuff. Williams was the main reason for me to get the book and I don't know if this new look has grabbed me.

Add to that, Atom goes from simple energy blaster to have some more Firestorm-like abilities such as unraveling atoms. He also seems a bit more disconnected, a nudge more like Dr. Manhatten.

I don't know if I like these changes to a character I already don't like that much. So this one is on a short leash.

Initial rank: "Better grab me"
Verdict: "Better grab me next issue or I am out"

Green Lantern Corps: As I said in prior posts, I have been wondering when the Green Lantern books were going to hit the wall. I had collected the GLC book before the relaunch when the focus was Kyle. I do like Guy. I decided that GLC would be my second GL book for the first month mostly because I was a bit exhausted with the Spectrum Corps.

This issue didn't do much to grab me. The opening parts show how Guy and John Stewart are trying to fit into normal Earth life, applying for jobs, etc. They don't have much success. As a result they leave Earth a bit perturbed. Meanwhile, on Oa, an unseen threat kills some new Lanterns and then massacres a whole planet.

It might just be that my GL battery is on empty. But nothing really grabbed me in this issue.

Initial rank: "Short term"
Short term: "One and done"

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Re. Wonder Woman wasn't this more or less a whole storyline on "Xena the Warrior Princess".