Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poll Result: Supergirl #1 Grades

Well there is no doubt that the DC Relaunch did just what DC was hoping it would, get people to buy comics, talk about comics, and read comics. But there needed to be more than a one month publicity stunt for this to work. The product had to be good. Good stories trump everything. And while I have liked a lot of what I have read, there have been some clunkers in the DCnU.

As for me, I kept wondering just what Supergirl  would be like. Vowing to go in with an open mind despite some worrisome pre-release comments, I thought the issue was a good opening volley. We got a smidge of origin, a lot of action, some plot threads teased, and a nice cliff hanger. We didn't get a great sense of who Supergirl was but that added a bit to the mystery. I gave the issue a 'B'.

But what did everybody else think. I figured a poll would give me a nice lay of the land.

Thanks to everyone who voted. There was a good turnout to this poll with 78 people voting. And while that is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the tens of thousands of issues sold, I think that is a pretty good number maybe giving a sense of the public's feelings. (And yes I know it isn't powered enough to be significant.)

It looks like most people felt the same way I did, with a healthy majority voting either an 'A' or a 'B'. For a new comic trying to get people to come back, this is a pretty good breakdown. My guess is those people are coming back for more.

Around a quarter of the people voted 'C' but that isn't necessarily a fail.

There were a couple of  'F's mixed in there too.

Still, the creative team should be happy with the buzz of this first issue as it seemed well received around the internet and on this fan poll. I still am waiting to see just who this Supergirl is but there were some hints in this issue that made me hopeful.


Anonymous said...

I'm sticking with it for now, after all I soldiered thru all the dreck that Don Heck had to offer back in the day...but I suspect that high cut briefs or not, we'll be back to the same sales level in about ten months.
I hope I'm wrong...

Martin Gray said...

An encouraging result, Anj. So long as the Supergirl series does well enough to keep going there's always hope she'll come round to be more like the classic.