Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green And Johnson Writing The Old Supergirl

So what exactly will the new Supergirl be like?

I have commented enough on the Source post by Wil Moss. I have scrutinized the first three issues solicits. I have dissected every line uttered about Supergirl by Dan Didio and writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson. And with each added line I have become more disheartened.

But I have promised to be more optimistic here. I have tried to see glimmers of hope where I can.

One thing I remembered is that Green and Johnson have written some Supergirl before, as a supporting character in some of their Superman/Batman issues. And so I present to you a couple of great Green/Johnson Supergirl moments from Superman/Batman #55-56

You can read my full review of Superman/Batman #55 here:

In it, Superman has had his powers drained and given to Batman. During a skirmish, the now vulnerable Clark is injured and lands in the hospital.

Look who comes crashing into the exam room, worried about her cousin. Kara. She wants to make sure he is okay.

This was also, I think, the second appearance of Linda Lang.

And here is the link to my review of the following issue:

Batman, a bit crazed with power, threatens the Justice League. Everyone is ready to resort to fisticuffs ... everyone but Supergirl. She tries to talk Batman down, a sign even Bruce recognizes as Kara 'growing up'.

I can remember being pleased as punch when I read Green and Johnson's version of Supergirl in this story, so much the caring cousin, the hero. It seemed like they 'got' Supergirl here.

In fact this is what I said way back then:

Surprising and wonderful, Kara is the voice of reason here.

Is there any stronger evidence that Kara's persona in the DCU has changed since Gates/Igle took over? Supergirl is the smart one here. She is the rational one. And she is strong. She will fight if she needs to but better to end this intelligently and peacefully if possible.

The Supergirl of 2 years ago ... the rave dancer, the 'crystal hell' Kara ... wouldn't have elevated herself above the fray like this. I like this Supergirl. 

I can only hope that some of *this* Supergirl ends up in the new title. Because going back to an unlikeable Supergirl would be a shame.


mathematicscore said...

Good points! I remember being okay with this arc, mostly for the art and the Bane cameo, but the themes of the arc and the solicits for Supergirl still make me a little apprehensive...

Ah, well, time will tell! :)

Sue of dcwomenkickingass said...

Hey Anj, I have a question for you. What's a good email to reach you at?

Anonymous said...

I've been quite worried about Green and Johnson based on the solicits and comments, but this solicit sounds pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

I just hope they do her right. :-/-ealperin.