Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bullet Review A Week Too Late? The New Justice League

With the DCnU coming out tomorrow, I thought I would take a quick look back at Justice League #1. Tomorrow I'll review my new pull list.

I realize that Justice League #1  is the 'how they became the JLA' story in the DCnU, set 5 yrs ago when superheroes were urban myths. But it's biggest weakness, as a result, is that we don't get the whole team in this first issue. It is almost entirely Batman and GL. I almost wish there was an opening 'one and done' story showing the team together and then the retelling of the origin. Or a framework story which leads into the origin. As it is, I feel this issue was almost too slow of a burn. When will Wonder Woman join in? Issue 4? For something as 'huge for comics' as this release, it should have shown the whole team together. I mean, if this is a jumping on point for new readers, for people where this is their first comic ever, this might seem weird. Where is everyone?

The story is semi-interesting in that it is the first time everyone in the book meets each other. Hal's overconfidence in the ring and Batman's overly cautious nature shows these are 'young' heroes. Their interaction was good, showing quickly the basis of each individual's personality.

And Jim Lee does his usual great art.

But this could have easily been solicited last year as JLA Year One #1. This read like JLA: Secret Origin, just another retelling of the team's beginnings albeit with new costumes. There just wasn't enough juice in the issue for what I thought it would be. This was supposed to be an event.

Overall grade: B


Martin Gray said...

'The story is semi-interesting ...' about says it all, Anj. Hopefully there'll be more meat in the first full batch of DCnU titles - I'm taking tomorrow off to review as many as I can manage. Is that sad?

That's probably sad.

Dr. Thinker said...

I hope the DCnU is a epic failure.

Dave Mullen said...

I liked it, brilliant art and coloring with one of the best depictions of Green Lantern for quite some time. But I do see where the critics are coming from as this is an issue and story that is blatantly made for the trade collection, as a result the pacing is all wrong for such a super-hyped introductory issue. At 3.99 a pop I can't see this really fulfilling its remit to hook new readers, not when it's six issues(?) long with a plot that is fairly slight so far.

But it did its job for me. I'm still undecided as to whether this relaunch has any legs long term or whether it will be a short lived affair but right now I've settled on more short term goals of hoping for a good entertaining read. Continuity and consistency is now dead at DC so really all you can do is target & buy the stuff that looks like a good story and ditch it if it isn't.
That's my philosophy form now on - From now on you only have Three issues max to hook me on a title DC....

Anj said...

That's my philosophy form now on - From now on you only have Three issues max to hook me on a title DC....

Great minds think alike.

I have a similar feeling for many titles. I talk about it tomorrow when I review my pull list.