Saturday, April 17, 2010

Results: New World's Finest Poll - The Steph's Have It!

Thanks to everyone who voted in my last poll - Who should be the New World's Finest?

In many ways I feel that this was a sham of a poll. Despite this being a Supergirl blog, the truth is there should have been choices that included Superboy/Conner. A strong argument could be made that Superboy/Robin should be the new World's Finest; it's almost obvious.

But this is a Supergirl blog. And I think of Supergirl as the legacy holder of the S-shield. So, if she is one half of the New World's Finest, who did everyone think represented the Bat-half? Thanks to the 69 folks who voted! That was a much bigger turnout than I expected for this poll.

The winner, far and away, was the Supergirl and Batgirl team. Kara and Steph garnered 50% of the vote (35 votes). We have seen them in action only a couple of times now. But in both instances, you could see how they were coming from a similar place and therefore how they could be good friends. The panel above shows just how comfortable I think they would be with each other, joking in the middle of combat. I can completely see the two of them acting as the New World's Finest. Superman/Batman easily leads to Supergirl/Batgirl.

Surprisingly, the second place vote getter was 'leave it as Superman and Batman'. This old school choice got 30% of the votes cast (21 votes). I added this choice because there might be a contingent of fans who simply feel that the name World's Finest is synonymous with Superman and Batman. There has never been a New Beatles ... or a New Doors. How could there be? But I wonder how many of these voted would have gone to a Conner choice.

Outside those two choices, no other choice broke 10 votes.

Supergirl and Batman (Dick) grabbed 11% of the votes (8 votes). This is James Robinson's new World's Finest, acting together in his Justice League of America comic. Again, I equate World's Finest with equal super-hero friends. I think Dick will be more of a mentor to Supergirl. I look forward to seeing that interaction ... but it isn't World's Finest in my mind.

My choice of Supergirl and (Red) Robin (Tim Drake) limped in with 7% of the vote (5 votes). I think Tim and Kara are probably at similar points in their careers, both experienced enough not to be considered rookies, but clearly still learning. I loved their adventure together in Superman/Batman #65. I hope these two have some more adventures together.

Not surprisingly, Supergirl and Robin (Damian Wayne) got 0% of the votes. I think it is obvious that Supergirl and Damian would not easily get along.

The bottom line is that Supergirl/Batman (Dick) will be working together in JLA and I will be there. But, like most of the voters, I hope to see more of the Supergirl/Batgirl friendship.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!


Anonymous said...

Steph & Kara, "Blonde Justice"


John Feer

TalOs said...

Still would love to see a Supergirl/Batman (Bruce) all new Worlds Finest myself. :-P