Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boston Comic Con - Joe Michael Linsner Commission

I have been remiss in not posting the other commissions I obtained a couple of weeks ago at the Boston Comic Con.

So here is the one I obtained from Joe Michael Linsner.

As I have said in the past, sometimes I opt to get commissions from artists who I think will have a unique interpretation or a distinct style that would be intriguing to see applied to the subject of Supergirl.

So when I saw that Linsner was going to be at the Boston Comic Con, I put him high on my list of potential commissions. Linsner is best known for his character Dawn. His work on Dawn is sexy and he could probably be labelled as a 'good girl' artist. I wondered just what his Supergirl would look like.

I think this is a great piece. It is a classic pose, Supergirl flying in the sky but with a playful sideways 'come hither' look, curvy with some serious thigh being shown.

It is clearly a Linsner Supergirl piece without being so over the top cheesecake that I would feel embarrassed to show it. It is just what I wanted ... Linsner's interpretation of the Maid of Might. It is a very nice addition to my collection.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! looks neat.

Anonymous said...

That is a cute Supergirl!

mathematicscore said...

I agree this is just right... Linsner is by no means a favorite, but I've always appreciated his balance is between sex and beauty. Not as common as it should be.

Saranga said...

she has thighs and knees! love it!

Themysciran Knight said...

Thank you for sharing another of your commissions! It is really cool to see different artist's interpretations of the Girl of Steel. Linsner's Supergirl looks very powerful and has a playful attitude here! I really like how the artist gave mass and beautiful detail with his lines and shading.

TalOs said...

Heh, just cute! :-D

Anj said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

I always enjoy seeing these varying interpretations of Supergirl. Linsner really did a great job here - cute, beautiful, healthy, and sexy.