Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New World's Finest?

Wonder Con was this last weekend and a lot of the upcoming year in comics was revealed and reviewed there. Specific columns of all the different panels are on the usual sites with Newsarama having a running report of some panels (which they posted live) and Comic Book Resources covering almost all the panels in one way or another.

Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be much said about Supergirl or the Superman titles ... at least in the posts I read. With New Krypton ending and new creative teams taking over the Superman titles, I was surprised not to see more information or publicity.

That said, one comment from the James Robinson panel stuck out to me. Here is the link for the whole article:

And here is the blurb with a quote from Robinson:
The new lineup, he revealed, will be Dick Grayson as Batman, Supergirl, Donna Troy, Jade, Mikaal Tomas as Starman, Congorilla and Jessie Quick. The membership will remain the same for at least the next two years worth of stories.

He elaborated on each character, explaining that Dick and Kara will be the new "World’s Finest," as Dick takes on a brotherly role to the young heroine as she struggles with the fallout of "War of the Supermen."

I never really thought about Dick and Kara forming a new World's Finest. Dick seems so much older and established in comparison to Supergirl. My gestalt of the 'World's Finest' name brand was one of equal friends, peers, working together. Dick would feel more like a mentor. And that doesn't seem to be what 'World's Finest' means to me.

But maybe I am getting hung up on semantics. Maybe my definition of 'World's Finest' isn't universal.

So I figured I'd run a quick poll.

Who should make up the "new World's Finest"?

1) Batman (Dick Grayson) and Supergirl

The original World's Finest was Batman and Superman. Why not have the Batman be part of the newer version? And with both of them being in the Justice League maybe Supergirl becomes a bigger hero from a world view. They would truly represent the WORLD's finest, not just America's.

We have seen Dick be friends with Kara earlier in her series. And his wisdom of a life as a legacy hero - from sidekick to solo hero to mantle-wearer - would be invaluable information to pass on to Supergirl.

2) Supergirl and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

Both are strong young women, working their way through the hero's journey, occasionally struggling with the weight of the legacy they carry. They are the next generation and therefore would be a new 'World's Finest' but with the pedigree to carry that name. It is clear they would be easy friends and would treat each other as equals. Their adventure together in World's Finest #3 showed how well they would operate together.

3) Supergirl and Robin (Tim Drake)

I know I am going to irk the Steph fans but this is who I feel is the 'new World's Finest'.

They both are young. They are both being groomed to carry the symbol of their families into the future. They both have struggled with that legacy. They are both establishing their own destinies and are close to being great heroes in their own right, regardless of their mentors.

They can clearly empathize with each other's lives. I think they would be close friends and good partners. The story in Superman/Batman #62 showed me their potential as the World's Finest heroes. This just feels natural.

4) Supergirl and Robin (Damian Wayne)

Ummm .... I just don't see it.

I don't think they would be easy friends.

5) Superman (Kal-El) and Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Maybe there doesn't need to be a new World's Finest. Maybe that title should only be reserved for Superman and Batman.

So what do you think. If there was going to be a mini-series named 'The New World's Finest' who should be the stars? As always, I'd love to hear why people voted the way they did.


Heath Edwards said...

i see how kara and tim could be the new world's finest, but i do prefer seeing connor and tim's adventures together. they have history, and they have a fun together. my vote is for kara and steph. i enjoyed their adventure in the 'world's finest' mini, and would look forward to seeing them get together more often. it'd be fun to see them get together with cassie (wonder girl), too. its a pity there aren't any brunettes or redheads in the 'big' teen leagues, but oh well, i still think it'd be fun...

Anj said...

i see how kara and tim could be the new world's finest, but i do prefer seeing connor and tim's adventures together.

Ugh ...

I can't believe I didn't put Connor/Tim as a choice!

That should have been there.

Gene said...

I voted for Kara/Steph too. I really liked their first adventure together and I hope to see more in the future.

While I'm not opposed to a Dick/Kara World's Finest, it will feel more like a brother/sister relationship than a true partnership. I remember early in the Loeb run that Kara had a crush on Dick when she briefly worked with the Outsiders. Did she ever get over that?

Ravenwynd said...

I like the "dynamic" of the Dick/Kara option, giving her that person who can guide and be there for her. But it is more of a mentor/big brother feel. I have to agree with Heath that a Connor/Tim seems more like the choice here for WF.

My vote is for Kara/Steph. Their first adventure was well done and showed a nice dynamic between the two. Would like to see more of this.

Bubbly Bunny said...

I like the mentor big brother thing but not so sure about World's Finest. It always just seemed to me the World's Finest team's should be:

Anonymous said...

If anyone is going to mentor Kara, (other than Kal El) it ought to be Oracle AKA Barbara Gordon with Steph as her new BFF.
A girl Kara's age automatically competes with a guy like Tim, Oracle on the other hand is an older more experienced woman someone who gets some of the unique issues faced by younger heroines.
Just a thought...

John Feer

Saranga said...

Because the issue they were in felt a lot more natural than the Steph/Kara issue. And I love Steph. but it just didn't feel right.

anthonyriva said...

I'm interested in seeing the Dick/Kara dynamic, but if we're talking about World's Finest pairings, I'd pair up Tim/Conner and Steph/Kara... it's funny, I don't know which super to pair up Dick with... maybe Krypto? LOL

The supers really didn't have a presence in Titans, not during Dick's run, unless you count Matrix... I like Dick as Batman, but he kinda stands on his own. He'd fare better as part of the World's Finest duo with Clark/Kal-El. But it seems to me that Clark and Bruce are the only World's Finest pair we've all known and grown to love and that has a lot to do with their friendship more than anything.

Jason said...

Definitely Kara and Stephanie for me. They just worked so well together in their initial adventure.

TalOs said...

As much as I adored the Kara/Steph paring I've always wanted to see an ongoing Supergirl/Batman team up (which actually happened once in a Pre-COIE E-1 continuity tale) where Kara and Dick rightfully graduate to being that of the all new 21st Centuries "Worlds Finest" duo.

Themysciran Knight said...

I voted for Supergirl and Stephanie Brown to a new World's Finest. I believe any World's Finest (or something like Brave and the Bold) should be based on equality and partnership of the characters. World's Finest 3 showed the great interaction between the two already. Plus, it would extend and honor the history of the Supergirl and Batgirl team ups of the past!

Tyciol said...

I have to become a supergirl+damian shipper now, they are awesome.