Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boston Comic Con - Cameron Stewart Commission

The Boston Comic Con this year was really a treat for me especially when it came to getting commissions. Sometimes I feel like I catch a break and get lucky when it comes to adding to my collection.

Cam Stewart, of Seaguy and recently Batman and Robin fame, was at the convention and was on my short list of artists to approach for a commission if possible. He was doing head shots for $40 and whole body commissions for $100. Rather than taking a list of commissions to do at the beginning of the day as many artists do, Stewart was doing commissions on a 'first come, first serve, as you wait' schedule.

The first day his table was absolutely swamped to the point I couldn't even see what he was doing. My sketchbooks were in the hands of Steve Rude and Joe Michael Linsner at that point so I wouldn't have anywhere to put a commission anyways.

On the second day, I had my sketch books back. Stewart's table remained busy but not as swamped as it had been. I was able to see the tremendous head sketches he was producing ... mostly of Batwoman. Later in the afternoon, as I continued to wander the floor, I walked by his table and Stewart was just sitting there. Not one person at his table. To be honest he looked a bit bored.

I still had some money left over and so asked if I could get a Supergirl head sketch. When an artist is only doing head sketches, I always ask if they will add the S-Shield so that the commission is of Supergirl and not 'Anonymous blonde girl'. He agreed and then sat down and drew this absolutely tremendous commission.

As a frequent purchaser of commissions, I have to emphasize that any added color is considered bonus ... like leather interiors in a car. So when Stewart pulled out red, blue, and yellow markers, I knew I was in for a treat. Three colors in a convention commission is basically unheard of.

There have been times I have paid for a commission and have felt that I have overpaid. This time I felt like I was underpaying. I gave Stewart the $40 and told him I felt like I was stealing by only having to pay that little.

This was definitely one of the scores of the convention.


Saranga said...

nice art and nice commission story!

Diana_Fan said...

That's truly beautiful. I can see why you felt you got away with something!

I'm jealous. :)

TalOs said...

So pretty like! :-D