Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Comic Con - Joe Quinones Commission

Next up on the commission hit parade from the Boston Comic Con 2010 is this great piece from Joe Quinones.

I first became enamored of Quinones' work on the Green Lantern strip in Wednesday Comics. There was really a nice retro feel to that strip which worked for the 'cold war' time frame of that story. I was also impressed with Quinones' ability to handle the different settings in that strip ... from air force base to happy hour in a bar to outer space battles. When I saw the advance solicits of his covers on Adventure Comics I knew I would want to try and grab a piece from him at the con.

He was a day two commission and I was lucky to get on his list.

I can tell that this is going to be one of my favorite pieces in my collection. For one, it is a very original pose and composition. Many of my commissions have a similar look to them ... Supergirl flying gracefully in the clouds or striking a classic heroic pose. So when an artist is struck somehow to do something a little different, it really resonates in the collection.

This is such a playful pose, Supergirl balancing a huge boulder or moon on one finger, sporting a half-smile. It really is fantastic. Add to that the shadowing over her face and hands as well as the splash of color (always a big deal in these convtention comminssions) and you have a really phenomenal piece. It stands out and grabs you. That is what good art should do.

I really feel lucky that the timing of these commissions worked out such that I was able to get Quinones my sketch book early on the second day and that he was able to get it done. I will definitely keep my eye out for his work in the future.


Mauricio said...

That's a great drawing. It's the 'matrix' costume and not the movie costume.

Too bad he didn't draw her feets but still, great.

Thank you for sharing !!


Saranga said...

love it! love the face the pose the colours everything!

Anj said...

That's a great drawing. It's the 'matrix' costume and not the movie costume.

All my commissions are in the Matrix uniform, my favorite.

I am sure one day I'll post a gallery here. I just have to figure out the best way.

Diabolu Frank said...

Somehow, I like this one even more than the Rude, which was fantastic! Quinones has sort of an Amanda Conner/Adam Hughes thing going on that works great. It's good that you caught him early in his career, because I suspect this cat is going places. In a bit of synchronicity, I was writing today's post at the Idol-Head until three this morning, and posted it a few hours ago. It too is a full figure con sketch with a big splash of red, the only one I got at Comicpalooza.