Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stanhope Sighting

As a longtime Supergirl fan, I am thrilled when creators recognize her history and mythos. When writers throw in nibbles of prior continuity or bring back Supergirl-specific Rogues, it brings a smile to my face.

And it seems like current Supergirl writer Steve Orlando is doing just that. We already saw him name drop  Leesburg   in Midnighter and Apollo. In the Supergirl book, he named the DEO base #252. We saw a glimpse of someone who might be a main universe Belinda Zee.

And now in the Justice League of America: The Atom one shot, Orlando name dropped Stanhope College.

Here at Ivy University, Ryan Choi meets his dude-bro roommate Adam Cray.

Cray almost when to Stanhope for their rugby program. But instead he ended up a Ivy.

Stanhope College!

Of course, long time Supergirl fans know that Stanhope College was where Linda Lee Danvers ended up going to college. In fact, a bulk of her Silver Age stories including the beginning of her solo run in Adventure Comics occur on campus.

Here is where Linda learns she is heading there:

Stanhope made an appearance in Peter David's run as well.

I feel I need to review this issue soon as it discusses free speech and safe spaces years before these topics hit the mainstream.

At the end of the Supergirl comic in the early 2000's, Kelly Sue Deconnick had Linda Lang head to Stanhope to investigate some mysterious events that have occurred there.

Stanhope became a boarding school in Landry Walker and Eric Jones Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade.

We even learned the television version of Supergirl went to Stanhope College (from Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 11 by Sterling Gates and Emma Vieceli).

So I am very happy that Orlando has placed a college called Stanhope in the New 52/Rebirth.

These minor touches of Supergirl history infused into the universe always make me happy. Thanks Steve Orlando!


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Steve Orlando likes to put Supergirl Easter Eggs everywhere.

I approve.

Anonymous said...

Assuming Kurrent Kara survives High School then potentially she could be a pink cheeked freshman at Stanhope again.....Time is Truly Circular....


Anonymous said...

Ah yes,those colleges from Supergirl, Stanhope College, Vandyre University, Lakeshore University and New Athens Experimental School.

Anonymous said...

An undergraduate degree two graduate degrees then civilian work as a teacher, Our Girl Kara is EDUCATED!