Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) Action Figure

I woke up on Christmas morning to find a gift from my youngest daughter under the tree for me.

I was absolutely thrilled to open it and find the Melissa Benoist Supergirl action figure, one of the figures I was searching for. Yes, I know that the internet exists for a reason but it is the thrill of the hunt. The last time I saw this was at the Boston Comic Con where the dealer was charging a bit of an exorbitant price.

So there I was on Christmas morning with this special gift from my kid. This will be a cherished memory. My kids get me.

As for the figure itself, it is really nice. In particular, I have to comment on the face sculpt which truly looks like Melissa Benoist. For me, that is the best part of the figure. And the rendition of the costume is on point. Lovely.

There are plenty of articulation points but they were relatively stiff on mine, so stiff I was afraid that I might snap off the foot, elbow, etc. As a result, it was difficult to stand on its own. As a result, I had to dust off a figure stand (this time the Crisis on Infinite Earths one) to get the figure to stay upright.

The back of the figure shows nice detailing of the hair and cape. Very nice.

I am getting close to needing to rearrange how my collection is displayed. But, for now, this figure's home is near the headband costume section. This is mostly because the chevron belt and red skirt motif flows nicely here. Even the SDCC animated figure in the back has that style.

But this shelf is crowded and another has more space. So my guess is I have to rethink things soon.

But wow ... what a great Christmas gift!


Anonymous said...

That's a very nice gift. Your youngest has learnt well the lessons from young Silver Age Kara, who was always busy with helping other people out.

I know what you mean with shelf space troubles. A friend of mine is a Transformers fan and has to rearrange his collection constantly.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they didn't "Blonde Her Up A Bit" when designing said action figure....caught her face reasonably well too.