Monday, December 12, 2016


Hat tip to my friend Mart Gray who sent me the following page from Midnighter and Apollo.

I have never read the book (or the characters) before. But it appears that Midnighter walks through a magical door and approaches a house where the inhabitant is clearly some sort of mystical being hiding as human.

And I don't know about that fox ... but that's has to be something. No one draws a fox crossing a suburban street by chance.

But while this was an interesting interaction, this isn't why Mart sent it to me.

Did Supergirl fans catch why?

Writer Steve Orlando (who also writes Supergirl) has this scene take place in Leesburg, Virginia!

Leesburg was the town that the Earth Angel Linda Danvers/Matrix Supergirl lived. And, as most people know, I loved that book. It had a very mystical and religious bend to a super-hero book.

So seeing that this city is back in DC Continuity alone is great. But having a mystical being (maybe a demon?) living there actually fits quite nicely with the way the town was portrayed in David's Supergirl book.

Remember that Leesburg was like Buffy's Hellmouth, a sort of magnet for magical strangeness. And that happened because a Chaos Stream ran below the town. This was an offshoot of the river Styx and basically drew oddities to the town.

And so we got Buzz, Chakat, the Earth Angel, the Carnivore, and all the rest of the lot tramping through the town.

And it was a literal stream. There were fights around it. People waded in it.

So thanks to Steve Orlando for bringing it back. If someone named Linda Danvers becomes part of Midnighter and Apollo's supporting cast, I just might have to try it1


Justin said...

The return of Linda Danvers would be amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Intriguing. Mere Easter Egg or a hint?

I'm not a big fan of human Linda, but her last appearance was "Reign of Hell", if I'm not mistaken, and the character deserves better.

Hmm... We know now the Pre-Flashpoint and Post-Flashpoint universes are the same. So... A Linda Danvers lives in Leesburg? Is she still a troubled teenager? What if Kara meets her and saves her from Buzz right like Matrix did twenty years ago? Will Linda remember she used to be a Supergirl and she befriended a very different Kara once upon a time?

Interesting possibilities.

Jude Deluca said...

Yeah, Linda fans refuse to accept "Reign in Hell" as canon because of how disrespectfully she was treated. I came up with the idea it may not have been Linda but the evil Matrix that was born from Mae's remnants after she merged with Linda since I was never sure what happened to her.

Anj said...

Don't even mention Reign in Hell.

I bought it. I reviewed it. I tried to forget it.

Anj said...

Love the 'evil Matrix bits' idea

Martin Gray said...

So far I'm assuming this is just an Easter egg, but you never know, Orlando has already rescued Extrano from limbo and much improved him.