Monday, December 5, 2016

Direct Currents #1

Last week I went to the comic store and was delighted to find a nice surprise. Direct Currents #1 was on the rack, a promotional magazine put out by DC Comics, big and glossy and covering all of the titles in some fashion. And best of all it was free.

I remember the pre-internet days of Direct Currents being present in DC Comics, basically a list of the upcoming title solicits. And I also like the Daily Planet faux newspapers, the occasional DC Profile of creators, and even the straight up news columns that occasionally would grace DC's books in the 70s and 80s. So the name and format struck a nostalgic chord.

But more importantly, it's in print!

I guess I am going to sound like a Luddite but I like the print format. I picked this up looking forward to reading about the super-titles. But I read about the Suicide Squad and the Flash books as well. I'll probably end up reading this cover to cover. Because while I was sipping my coffee it was easy to simply flip the page.

I don't think I would necessarily have clicked on an article about, for example, The Flash. I certainly wouldn't have done it on sites where you need to click through ads, slides, etc.

So thank you DC! I am hoping that the #1 on the cover means this might be a recurring thing.

The book opens up with a letter from Dan Didio.

He starts out talking about the JL/Suicide Squad crossover. He touches on the upcoming Batwoman and Super-Sons titles.

And he ends the missive by saying "Rebirth is about a voice, a tone, a sensibility. We're crafting a strong, cohesive universe."

I rolled my eyes. I suppose some might derisively snicker. Didio was in charge for the years were things were off-tone and insensible. Hard to take him seriously. I will say I have been happy with the post-Rebirth DCU.

And I liked that he mentioned Mr. Oz and said that story is coming to the forefront soon.

There is a nice article about the Superman books in which we hear how Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi, and Patrick Gleason work together to get the long form stories right. It is worth reading.

And Supergirl gets just a strip of one page (three columns on the page promote Supergirl, New Superman, and Superwoman).

It is a brief and to the point. The middle section lays out the foundation of the book and defines the DEO. But the last paragraph does give us our first glimpse into what will happen after the Cyborg Superman.

Looks like the DEO is going to try to weaponize Lar-On!

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Supergirl promised Lar-On that she would be there to help him. Will she support this? What if Lar-On doesn't want to do this? Will Supergirl side with him? He might ask her to kill him, given his curse. What will she do then?

I'm glad Orlando is bringing him back. I wasn't too keen on the idea of him just lying in the DEO sedated.

Anyways, head to the LCS and pick this up. It's free! And I'll let you know if this Direct Currents leads me to buying a new title, the ultimate goal of something like this!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Anj. Will you be writing about the CW crossover from last week?

Anj said...

Yep. Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

That storyline involving Lar-On sounds interesting.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Anj: OK. I'm pretty sure you didn't read any of MULTIVERSITY. Barry has to think through it to say that Supergirl is on Earth-38. I looked that up in the guidebook and that is the Earth of John Byrne's GENERATIONS, the books where everyone aged in real time and each mini-series continued farther into the future.

That is probably the only Earth Kara could come from, as many others are Wildstorm or America's Best analogues. So it is cool that we at least know there are 38 universes, it would be great to see Barry and Kara team-up on another Earth, wouldn't it?