Thursday, December 1, 2016

DC Bombshells Supergirl Bust

It is an early Christmas for me. Last week the DC Bombshells Supergirl bust arrived at my local comic store. I had been slowly paying this off over the last several months so the financial bite was lessened by time. Also, I was thrilled that this was marketed as I can feel okay displaying this, more than the bustier wearing Bombshell Supergirl statues that have been marketed.

This is just a great bust. I love the formal dress uniform look for Kara here, especially the S-shield cap and tie look. I also like the dynamic nature of the scarf, replacing the cape here.

I also think Supergirl's face is quite lovely here. That smile is fantastic.

And the back is nicely detailed as well. I like the details in the hair and the wrinkles in the jacket and cap.

I also love the folds and swooshes of the scarf as well. This could have been a simple design but the sculptor gave the cape some volume and action. I love it.

No pun intended, but the biggest thing about this bust is it's size. It is big! Look at how it sort of dwarfs the other Supergirl busts that are out there. it definitely is worth the price when you factor that in.

This is a lousy shot of its space on my shelf but I added it here. This shelf showcases the most recent costumes Supergirl has worn and so I think it was appropriate to place here.

After Christmas I promise I'll do a post showing the whole collection.

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