Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Supergirl Rebirth Costume Design

DC has shared information about some of the new character costumes in the new Rebirth books with Comic Book Resources. Here is a link:

As a comic fan, I love peeks behind the creative curtain. I especially love process pieces where we see the evolution of creative ideas in comics. So these sort of things always make me happy.

Now right off the bat, I will say I love this design way more than the New 52 Supergirl costume. The one piece leotard isn't a bad idea but the fussy details of the red crotch guard with all the corners and piping was just too much. Add to that (mandatory) high collared cape and the kneeless boots, and the New 52 look just never resonated with me.

And long time readers of this site will know that I love the red skirt, the v-shaped belt, and overlong sleeves are elements of my 'perfect' Supergirl costume. And, amazingly, they are all here.

The article also gives some of the details.

First off, I love the full length cape and I love the fact that it flows over the shoulders. It calls back to the red shoulders of the Crisis-era headband costume without completely aping that look.

I find it amusing that the V-shaped skirt and belt are described as being 'similar to the show' when the show is similar to Matrix. But who cares. I'm glad to see them. 

And after having a shorter hair style for a while, I like the return of the longer blond locks. An S-shaped part is a nice detail. 

There is something 'classic' about this look, if Matrix/Linda Danvers is your classic.

Submitted for your perusal.

Red cape over the shoulders? V-shaped belt and pleated skirt? Pointy sleeves?
All there.

My optimism keeps growing for the book.


SG Fan said...

I love the new Rebirth design too. Classic Supergirl elements but still has its own sense of style. Like the little bits of the TV costume they worked in, would have liked them to keep the different S-Shield from the show, red outlined in gold instead of the solid gold/yellow in the middle. Still Kara looks great and can't wait to see what they do for her secret ID look too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Anj. And I'm in the camp for the Supergirl 1984 / Matrix-style
costume as well! Very interesting blend of that, the TV series, and it's own
sensibilities. Can't wait till Supergirl Rebirth is released -- do we REALLY
have to wait till September for this? :)

Here's hoping for more good news Supergirl-wise coming up!


Anonymous said...

The skirt is a little long...but then its a look that has always worked well for this character.


Uncle Screensaver said...

I sincerely hope the art is better in the book than this. I wish the costume stuck closer to the TV series with a darker blue, although I might like the boots better than the TV's. In any case, this Classic-esque Supergirl costume is so much better than New 52, and syncs up well with the Garcia-Lopez 2006 (?) style guide art on DC Originals merchandise everywhere and with the TV series.

Anj said...

I think this is a sort of rough sketch. My guess is the art in the book will be more finished.

I don't mind the length of the skirt. Would I have liked more classic boots? Yeah. But I think that is a bit of New52 design they wanted to carry over, to give a sense of continuity.

Anonymous said...

I will def miss the New52 look:(... i hope they bring it back for a flashback piece. I know am a minority here on this... n52 design fans represent! i think it worked well, especally the high collar and gold trim.. the collar matched her moms and gave it a more kryptonian look. The short hair was new look. Kinda forshadowed powergirl, while not at the same time. Then again am not fan of matrix, dini and def not turner designs. I really liked JL3001s look. While i really loved chings art on KOTOR run few years ago, i dont think hes the right pick for the new design. But i can see why they did it... and dc caved in.

Ill hold my breath for lupachinos or cat skaggs rendintions... lupachinos final designs during crucible were crazy awesome, it was practical. i was really hoping for the fully covered semi-armor suit to be permanent and skaggs on smallville s11 well nuff said... s11 kara was amazingly designed. Even ian churchill had done his take on supergirl for new 52 it wasnt bad

Uncle Screensaver said...

Thanks for the input, Anj! Yeah, that makes sense on the boots, plus that Comic Con box variant art had the boots more like this than the actual show.

Uncle Screensaver said...

Oh, the long skirt and the high boots brings me back to the debates in Adventure comics when her first new costume was revealed. In the lettercol, we had fans saying they should have not had the red trim of the skirt with the high boots, or if they did to have the boots kept the traditional length. Maybe it's just how the sketch's proportions are but I find that we have the torso lengthened and the legs seems very short despite the tall boots. In any case, I will stop my whining, and will celebrate Supergirl gets a "Rebirth". :)

Unknown said...

I was started to like the new 52 costume

Unknown said...

I wish they keep her new 52 cape.