Monday, May 23, 2016

CW Upfronts Announce Supergirl

At the end of last week, The CW Network held their upfronts, discussing the upcoming seasons of their programming.

Looking at the network's schedule, I am amazed at how much DC programs will be available. Our favorite heroes dominate the 8pm hour Monday through Thursday. And it all kicks off on Mondays with their new show Supergirl.

As I said recently, I am thrilled the show got renewed. I am glad that the cast and staff seems (for the most part) intact. And I love the fact that it retains its day and time. Supergirl will remain appointment watching on Monday, kicking of the week in a super way.

I love this image, the promotional shot for the show. I like that Supergirl is staring straight into the camera in this iconic flying pose. Just fantastic.

On to the coverage!
There are a ton of articles about the move so just google 'Supergirl CW' and you'll find some info. But here are a few blurbs that caught my eye. So here are some links, clips, and commentary.

First from Variety:

CW president Mark Pedowitz  ... asserted that the CW is “where it should have been in the first place.” CW is projecting that “Supergirl” will be among its top three most-watched series, as it will bring some viewers along from CBS while reaching much deeper into the CW’s younger demos.
“I don’t think (the move) will have a major effect on how they actualize what they do,” he said.

I don't know much about Pedowitz but he is saying the all the right things here. Of course the hope is that Supergirl will be among their most-watched series. I hope, of course, that all the people who watched it on CBS will just turn the dial on Mondays. If the ratings are the same as the finale, Supergirl will be a huge hit for The CW.

There has been some concern about budget cuts so hearing Pedowitz say there shouldn't be a major effect on the show's production was also great to hear.

Another concern has been that the move from Hollywood to Vancouver might change the producers and cast. Calista Flockhart supposedly had a clause saying if the production site changed, she could opt out.

Here is the Hollywood Reporter's coverage on that question: 

Pedowitz noted that conversations on that subject were ongoing, and he was thrilled to hear that the Ally McBeal star wants to return, whether that be as a regular or as a recurring character. He added, “We’re happy to have her in whatever capacity that works out.”

I am old enough to remember the Farrah Fawcett opt out of Charlie's Angels. Fawcett was allowed to leave the show as long as she did three appearances on Angels in the future. Maybe we can have a similar rule. Cat is a huge part of the show. I'd hate for her to be gone 100%. Some Cat is better than no Cat. So fly her in for four episodes.

So the network has a schedule as follows:
Monday - Supergirl
Tuesday - Flash
Wednesday - Arrow
Thursday - Legends of Tomorrow

Of course, everyone being on the same network means this could be a shared universe. Supergirl has been shown to live on another Earth. So there would need to be some story wrinkle to take her to the Flarrow universe. But it sounds like it is going to happen.

From IGN:

CW head Mark Pedowitz confirmed that all four of their Greg Berlanti-produced DC series will join up for one big story. Said Pedowitz, "Just imagine what our superhero crossover episode is going to look like come December," while also referring to the crossover as "the biggest one ever."

Imagine all four of those shows crossing over. The kid in me is giddy. We live in this world.

Now I think we have seen enough references to the Crisis in the Flash show to make me think that some version of it could be coming to the CW. What better way to bring Supergirl into the fold than by merging the universes.  Why not unify things.

How great to see the heroes together at the upfronts. Some of them were asked about the addition of Supergirl to the CW. Head to Variety to read some of the stars quotes:

Again, I love what they have to say.

Melissa Benoist said:
“I can’t say I’m surprised. I think it’s logical. I think it’s such a good fit — it feels like the right shoe size now. I do know we’ll have the chance to maybe linger on stories that worked so well last season or stories from the comic-books and stories that stay true to the mythology, so hopefully we can marinate and spend more time on things like that.” 

One of my complaints about the first season was the sense that some episodes and stories were rushed. 'For the Girl who has everything' should have been two episodes. 'Falling' and 'Manhunter' could have been two episodes. So maybe the writers can breathe a little easier and let the stories flow more naturally.

Victor Garber said:
 “I’m thrilled. I love her and I love the show. I don’t know how I can make an appearance on that show, but maybe they’ll need a professorial viewpoint.” 

Caity Lotz said:
“It’s wild! I’m super excited. That fact that we can now crossover onto ‘Supergirl’ and they’re going to be up in Vancouver with us, we’re just going to have a big cult out there — like a Berlanti cult.” 

Sounds like everyone is fired up. Head to that link to read what Grant Gustin, Mehcad Brooks, and others had to say. I'm very glad to read this.

And The CW made a brief promotional video highlighting the heroes on the network and promoting the addition of Supergirl:

It is all great news.

The bottom line is we are getting more episodes. People are excited. So how can I not be excited.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Anj. Great news, and as I've said elsewhere, "CW should strike
like it's hot and keep striking!" As for the 4show crossover, "Be Still My Geek
Heart!" :D Looking foward to things!


Martin Gray said...

I am so very happy! Could things be any more positive?

garyb said...

Wonder if all four shows will have red skies.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments! It is all exciting.
And red skies?? I'd love it!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to have Supergirl back for a second season, and on the net that turned her down at first, the CW.

But this happiness is tempered a bit by a move in Chicago. Ad Week magazine reports the CW is changing channels soon. The net will go from WGN-TV 9 which has been a CW station from the start and a WB station from back in 1995, to WPWR-TV channel 50, which is co-owned with FOX-OWNED WFLD 32 (so it's going to be a war between Gotham and Supergirl in Chicago). WPWR, whose calls stand for PoWeR, was in analog a 5,000,000 watt UHF powerhouse independent, before joining UPN and MYNetwork, which is basically persona non grata these days.

WGN-TV will go back to being an independent station, with a focus on news and sports.

As for my CW Station, WPIX channel 11...everything is status quo.

Uncle Screensaver said...

Isn't that image just a retouched one from the pilot?
In any case, I'm definitely happy to see that the show is renewed, and I have to say that I think it's cool Supergirl has a Canadian connection again. :P

Now, just to pronounce her name correctly and have her hair truly blonde and this "stodgy old traditionalist" will be even more happy. :P

Of course, at the end of the day, I'm just happy that all this is beyond my wildest dreams: Kara Zor-El IS Supergirl, alive and well and in continuity and variations of her are starring in in multiple books, including her own, and that she's on TV!

Also, NOO red skies, please! I had enough of those!