Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DC Superhero Girls: Batgirl Vs. Supergirl

Count me as one of the people who was very disappointed with this summer's Batman v Superman movie. I found it to be something of a dark, joyless, bloated mess. There were plot lines that made no sense.

But I am not here to curse the darkness.
Instead I am here to praise the light.

I have commented here about how much I have been enjoying the shorts of DC SuperheroGirls. And the site decided to do their version of the conflict. Batgirl vs. Supergirl is the latest short on the site and is 1000% worth watching. Here is the site link:

I have to believe that the impetus for this short was the movie. And this is the perfect response.

Supergirl and Batgirl are relaxing in their dorm room when Wonder Woman calls. The cafeteria is going to close soon and Diana asks if she can bring back something for Kara or Babs.

I love that the picture of Diana on Babs phone is the Amazon stuffing down pizza. Perfect.

Diana tell the two friends that there is only one piece of superfood cake left. Babs and Kara talk about how wonderful the cake is with its quinoa center and cauliflower meringue.

Not exactly my perfect cake.

But as there is only one piece left, the two realize that the race is on.

Who will get there first?

There is a whole array of bat-nets and superspeed and jet packs.

But the absolute best line comes from Supergirl.

I'm paraphrasing but she basically says "My mind says 'don't use your heat vision on your friends' but my gut says 'CAAAKKKEE!!'"

It is fantastic. Hysterical!

The race/fight spills through the halls and into the cafeteria. Crazy Quilt, Lady Shiva, and the rest of the student body has to run, duck, and take cover as Batgirl snares Supergirl and spins her into the wall.

That must be some cake.

The two end up collapsing in laughter, realizing how silly this conflict is. They are friends. They can split the piece of cake.

But do they end up eating it?

You'll have to watch yourself to see the ultimate punchline.

I won't say this is a rebuke of the movie. But to see a silly little skirmish erupt over pastry, one that ends in laughter and realization that friendship is more important ... well, this was light years better than the movie.

I was smiling when I watched this!

Kudos to all involved with this! 


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked this clip Anj :) "My mind says 'don't use heat vision on your friends'...
but my gut says 'CAAAAAAAKE!' still has me rolling in the aisles, even a week
after this clip's release. Classic Supergirl/Batgirl friendship, and not one
klutz-out moment by Supergirl, how great is that?

They just nailed it!


Anonymous said...

I like Wonder Woman's yellow and red starred socks.....:) And that preposterously guilty expression on her punim...

Babs and Kara should always be depicted as Besties no matter what the state of Kal-El/Bruce Wayne Detente. Too bad Babs is supposedly slated for the "Suicide Squad" sequel I'd love to see her on the Supergirl TV Show.