Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hero Of The Month: Supergirl

Over at the DC Superhero Girls website, the second season of shorts has started. And the first episode is all about Supergirl.

I don't find that surprising as Supergirl was introduced to the DCSHG universe in the cartoon special on Boomerang. Since everyone hasn't seen that, this short gives a nice little intro to the character of Kara in this universe.

This is a young Supergirl learning how to control her powers while adapting to Earth. This whole show and universe is completely endearing. But, no surprise, I like when Supergirl gets a bit of the spotlight.

The episodes starts with Supergirl being named Hero of the Month.

I love that Supergirl is a drawing when the announcement happens. And I am doubly happy that she is drawing a horse.

Supergirl being arty and crafty is a sort of thread in her history.
And she always has had a love of horses.

We get to hear some of the other students talking about Supergirl and what they like about her.
Poison Ivy talks about how Supergirl gaining power from the sun is plant-like.
Harley Quinn talks about Supergirl knowing how to make an entrance as we see her clumsily land.
And Batgirl says Supergirl always comes through to save the day.

When we hear that, we see a clip from the Boomerang special with Supergirl wrapping Granny Goodness up in a flagpole.

This is something of an info dump. We learn the source of her powers, her awkwardness, and her heroic ideals. And we see her powers in action.

There are a couple of fun scenes as well.

Here Supergirl is absolutely giddy that she successfully used her heat vision to roast her friends' marshmallows. She laughs and claps at her own efforts.

So sweet!
And then we see her unsteadily land on the school's roof only to recover and sport an iconic pose.

But how could I not show this which lets us see that Supergirl wears bike shorts under her skirt. This is now a 'tried and true', 'dyed in the wool', essential part of Supergirl's costume. We have seen it in comics, on the show, and now on the cartoon.

An oft-repeated thanks to Jamal Igle and Sterling Gates for adding them to Supergirl's costume.

This Supergirl is fun and sweet and optimistic and just at the beginning of the hero's journey. I like her.

Hope you guys do too!


Anonymous said...

Was waiting for you to mention/review this ep Anj, and glad you loved it! For me, I'm glad that Supergirl
is part of DCSHG now, and that she's Hero Of The Month. And I'm glad how they balanced fairly well between
her adorkable scenes and her heroic scenes. Recall you mentioning your concerns before Anj of them using
Supergirl's klutziness as a running gag -- so far, no indication of this.

...also this last saturday was Free Comic Book Day. Saw and picked up the FCBD DC Superhero Girls; Supergirl
plays a big part in it... and there's more exposition and backstory on her. Without spoiling all the details,
it delves into why she's so unsure of herself and abilities, and has alot of shoutouts and easter eggs to DC
and Supergirl history in general.


Anj said...

FCBD book in the cue for review here soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear, and can't wait for the review Anj!