Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shrine: Superwoman Action Figure

Last week, the New Krypton Series 1 action figures were released. This series included Brainiac, Superman, Mon-El, and Superwoman!

How could I not grab this for the shrine? An action figure based on a Supergirl villain? This would have been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Moreover, it is a really beautiful figure.It really does a nice job with the Superwoman costume, the cloak hanging over her face. I also like the position she is. Many times I have a hard time finding a position for figures where both feet lie flush against the floor and the figure looks 'natural'. Here she looks poised for some diabolical action.

Here is a view from the back. The cape is nice and long with some textured folds.

Perhaps the feature I like the best about the figure is that the hood portion of the cloak is removable. It gives the doll some versatility for presentation. Also, since the hood is removable, when it is on, it seems to fall and appear more realistic than if it was a molded portion of the head.

The one real low point for the figure is the rather nondescript base you can put the figure on. A blank black disc doesn't exactly scream 'New Krypton' or even Superman. 

Still, it is hard to believe that a Supergirl arch-nemesis has been immortalized in a toy. It shows just how far the character has come in the last few years. She is a relevant part of the DCU. It has been said before, but 2010 was a banner year for Supergirl.


Unknown said...

Superwoman is a good nemesis for Supergirl. I really prefer her to any version of 'satangirl' and even the 'dark supergirl'.

Anj said...

I agree. I think Superwoman has more staying power as a nemesis than the other two you mentioned.

Kandou Erik said...

The Supergirl news just keeps on coming! Bleedingcool just reported that Nick Spencer is in fact not writing Supergirl anymore! Did DC realize their mistake, and are keeping Gates on the book instead? I would cancel my cancelation of the Supergirl book is that where the case.

Still, wether this shows hopes for Gates or not -- it means bad news for the Supergirl book, as it's being left without a regular writer so soon (not even one issue by Spencer before jumping ship!) DC has really lost all control of the Superman line of books...

Gene said...

That is a cool figure.
I hope DC Direct releases a Supergirl figure in the style that Jamal Igle drew her.