Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mayfairstivus Post 3: Brainy And More Supergirl Stuff

I once again have to thank Frank Lee Delano for putting together the Mayfairstivus blog celebration looking at the DC Heroes role playing game from the 1980s. I had originally planned 2 posts on the subject, but frankly, I am having such a good time looking at these old Legion books, I figured one more post was needed.

The one thing I will say, regardless if you are a RPG person, is that these DC Heroes Legion books are really a treasure trove if you are a fan of the Levitz Legion. It is such a nice adjunct to comics including a year by year synopsis of Legion history, the stats for Legionnaires and villains, and a copy of the Legion Constitution, all current up to the middle of the Baxter series (Sensor Girl's identity is known).

Here is Brainiac 5's page including his history and stats. It does a good job of discussing his mental instability and the fallout of those times in his life. As such a big part of Supergirl's life, I thought I would post his page here. His intelligence is a whopping 25 (a huge number for the game) with appropriate Will and Mind scores. His force field belt gives him a body of 40, rivalling Superman. And he is loaded with skills.

The second Legion book adds to the first looking at all the planets of the Legion mythos and their histories and properties. It also has a fold out map of the schematics of the Legion headquarters, and looks at the technologic specs for time bubbles, cruisers, etc.

I always have an appreciation for the smaller details that creators give characters. It is that minutiae that makes the characters three dimensional. For example, in this Legion book, there is even a section describing each Legionnaire's quarters. Given the focus of this blog, here is a description of Supergirl's room. I thought this was nice, accenting Supergirl's character as being both a little homey and a tech-geek.

I hope you are enjoying the Mayfairstivus as much as I am! It really has been a trip down memory lane for me ... both of gaming and the Legion stories of that time.

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Nikki said...

Its such a shame Geoff Johns gave all that time bubble back story to Superman. Is it so bad for Supergirl to have a significant long term influence on the DCU? *sigh*

Diabolu Frank said...

Daaaang! I knew Brainy was a pimp, but those stats are outrageous! I love all my DC Heroes books, which I bought purely for geek/reference love, before the relatively short time I actually played the game. SO much fun!