Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Open Letter To James Peaty

I am hoping somehow that you discover this site and will read this.

Congratulations on being named writer on Supergirl!

The fan response to the recent news of Nick Spencer leaving the title may make it seem that Supergirl fans are upset about you coming on board as writer.

That simply isn't true.

Unfortunately, when there is a feel of uncertaintly around a title, there is associated uncertainty within its fans.

As Supergirl fans, we care about the character and how she is portrayed. We want her to be strong and smart and heroic. We want her to be on the hero's journey, learning along the way. And we hope that her writer will have the same respect for the character.

We are ready to embrace creators that care. Sterling Gates was a relative unknown when he took over the title. There was the same sense of uncertainty. But that all went away when it was clear he understood and loved the character.

In re-reading your work on Supergirl #33, it sounds like you have a good idea of Supergirl's voice. It can not have been easy to wrap up Kelley Puckett's story. It can't be any easier to pick up Nick Spencer's arc and finish it.

To sum up ... welcome aboard! I look forward to reading your upcoming issues and seeing this next chapter in Supergirl's life.


Martin Gray said...

Hear hear, ditto and amen. Good luck James, I'm OK if you wish to rush-wrap Nick Spencer's story. Think Papa Lazarou from The League of Gentlemen: 'You're myyyy Supergirl now'.

Anonymous said...

Peaty's issue is one of my favorite issues of this version of Supergirl. I hope his Supergirl reads a lot like that Supergirl (it was so good to read his issue after utterly hating the brain dead failure that was Puckett's Supergirl).

I really like this new team and hope it doesn't suffer from message board bullying and blogger control-- as most of issues 20-present have.

TalOs said...

A sincere & hearty WELCOME ABOARD to you Mr. Peaty as well as your artistic other, & i to am another Supergirl fan who just cant wait to see what goodies you have instore for us all with your run on our fave girl's title! :-D

PS If at all possible can you please politely ask PTB at DC if you could use the altered costume in current issue of Titans (only changing skirt color to red) for your run for it'd be a great way to honor her most iconic look (movie/Matrix incarnation) while respecting Turner's contribution at the very same time while going forward in the next chapter of Supergirl's life! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well said! Let's be objective about things. It was Nick Spencer who abandoned the book, not James or even DC! I mean, Nick is a relative newcomer with a lot of hype around him, mostly because the guy is doing an interview every other day at comics news sites and other fan forums. I even think he's probably done more interviews and articles than books at this point!

And what has he written so far? Two issues of THUNDER, a Jimmy Olsen BACKUP story, and a handful of creator-owned books at Image. I think James probably has more mainstream superhero books under his belt as well!

The only thing I'm sure of (at this point until we actually get to read the books) is that Nick is much better at building hype for himself, and given his past life pre-comics as a failed politician and club owner, I'm sure he is well versed in the art of self-promotion.

Saranga said...

I secodn what Anj said.

valerie21601 said...

I did a web search and here is a small list of some title James Peaty has done for DC Comics. I don't have any of these titles perhaps someone else has them in their collection and could tell us some more about his writing style and content?

Batman Strikes Vol. 1 #50

Green Arrow Vol. 2 51

JSA Classified Vol. 1 #34

Justice League Unlimited Vol. 1 #34

Matt Camp said...

I sent this to James this morning, he's a hell of a nice guy. Great news, and happy holidays to everyone.

Anj said...

I sent this to James this morning, he's a hell of a nice guy. Great news, and happy holidays to everyone.

Thanks for playing it forward Matt!

Happy holidays! What are you working on next?