Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DC Dynamics Supergirl Statue

My Supergirl collection continues to grow as 2010 comes to a close. It is pretty amazing just how many items are coming out in a short period of time as well as the serendipitous Pepsi Glass purchase.

This last week the DC Dynamics Supergirl statue came out. I have to say I like it very much, more that I thought I would based on the pictures on the DC Direct website.

These Dynamic statues are supposed to be action shots, conveying a sense of motion. Here Supergirl is supposed to be swirling and twirling among the clouds as she celebrates her powers. Certainly, that sense of action is here as her body sort of blurs into red and blue streaks. I also likes how some of the streaks are translucent.

This is a full shirt, blue skirted Supergirl, so we are looking at a Silver Age Supergirl here. I think that sort of innocent backdrop works well this carefree flight through the clouds. I am always a fan of the pointed sleeves so even though those weren't around back then, I was glad to see them.

My biggest concern with the statue was the face which didn't look too good on the website. It seemed a bit too happy, bordering on creepy or Stepford wife-y.

I'm thrilled to say that it looks more natural on the real thing.

For completeness sake, her is a shot of the back of the statue. The base of the statue is hollow so I wonder, given the clear sections, how it would look if I could sneak a small light underneath.

It is a very pricey statue, selling for $195. I ordered it when it was first solicited and had a layaway plan at my local comic book store, chipping away at the final price with a couple of bucks each week. It is beautiful.

The Superwoman action figure comes out in early December and the Turner mini-statue as well as the Cover Girls of the DCU are out in January. Once those get added, I'll put up photos of the collection in its entirety.

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