Sunday, December 19, 2010

Round Two: Newsarama Polls

 Want to celebrate the recent run on Supergirl by Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle? Well go vote for them in Newsarama's round-robin tournament for best ongoing title. Here is the link:

Supergirl escaped the first round, beating American Vampire. In what is a very difficult match-up, the title is going up against multi-media giant The Walking Dead. These books are wildly different. In many ways, this vote is like asking what's better a pear or a pomegranate.

But I'd love to see Supergirl win, or at least have a good showing.

Best Ongoing isn't the only category Supergirl advanced in. Amy Reeder's excellent cover of Supergirl #58 made it into the second round in the Best Cover category. Here is that link:

She is up against a dramatic cover of Steve Rogers putting on the Nova helmet. I think it lacks significant gravitas, so I feel confidant Supergirl #58 and Reeder will advance. But go and vote.

Unfortunately, neither Sterling Gates (best writer) or Jamal Igle (best artist) escaped the first round. But, of course, it was a nice 'tip of the hat' to be nominated.

Given the sudden unclear future of the title, I was happy that I had even this small way of further promoting this last year of Supergirl stories.

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